Foresight Strategies Show

Kathryn Calderon “Discovering How Creative Thinking Boosts Future Design”
Tom Lombardo- “Heightening Future Consciousness for Creating A Flourishing Future”
Alisha Bhagat “Futures Methodology That Ignites Creative Thinking”
Thomas Frey-  “How Technology Will Change Our Daily Future”
Julia West- “The Future Can Not Be Predicted”
Dr Cash- “Soothing Your Emotions During Surgery with Music”
Verne Wheelwright-“Creating Your Personal Future”
Herb Rubenstein- “Creating our future for better opportunities”
Marius Oosthuizen- “Developing Leaders Through Futures Thinking”
Larry Mogelonsky- “How Is The Hospitality Industry Changing”
Jeremy Sisson- “Groundbreaking Real-Estate Predictions”
Prateeksha Singh- “Design A Virtual Reality Helps Your Future”
Marie Clark- Using Data As An Empowering Tool”

Alexandra Whittington- “The Benefits To Women Embracing Futurism”

Dr. Riel Miller- “Developing Your Future Literacy”

Steve Wells- “Leadership Skills for the Future”

Dr. Josh Luke- “The Forecast on Health Wealth”

Anne Boysen- “The Future of Transportation”

Sergio Marrero- “As the World of AI Turns”

Bridgette Engler- “Futures Meets Design How Designers are Using Foresight”

Dr. Ahmad: “Tomorrow Matters: Let’s Consider the Future”

Pat Dunham “The Future of Tiny Spaces”

Dr. Peter Bishop- “Teaching the Future Is this Possible?”

Jerome Glenn- “Entrepreneurs Discover Futures Competency”

Dr. Claire Nelson- “How We Can Share Our Future Globally”

Sergio Marrero- “Can Bitcoin/Blockchain Space Create a One World Currency”

Natlie Nixon- “Anthropology and Fashion Design Seen Through Foresight Eyes”

Richard Gottlieb- “How Global Toy Expert Analyzes The Future Of Play”

Jeremy Sisson- “Forecasting Commercial Investment”

Anne Boysen- “Exploring the Future of Post-Millennial Generation-Z”

Joseph Dalton- “Why You Want to Incorporate High Touch in Your Business”

Dr Jay Gary “What If We…Led From The Future?”

Joyce Gioia “Moving Onto the Future with Your Head and Your Heart”

Alethia Montero Baena- “Creating the Future Through Theater”

James Lee “Real Estate Investment from a Futures Perspective”

Dr Nilda Perez & with Co-Host Rachel Calderon -“The Shift Our New and Improved Direction “

Patrick Daly “Why You Want to Globalize Your Business”

Ronnie Vincenty: “Understanding How Your Money Works”

Louis Barajas: “The Psychology of Investments 360”

Dr. Arkeria S. Wright “Building Kidpreneurs: Teach a Kid to Fish”

Mike Michalowicz: “Is Your Business Money Making or Cash-Eating?”

Dr. Annmarie Fontanez- Part 2 “Reaching to the Past for New Methods to Heal”

Dr. Annmarie Fontanez- Part 1 “Taking Your Health Back to the Future”

Chef Ashalah Michelle and Sous Chef Amari Lee “Mixing Cooking & S.T.E.A.M. Bakeology™”

Michael & Tempa Kohler: “Innovation in Creating Dignified Jobs for Special Needs Adults”

Monique Knight- “The Evolution of Successful Men From The Outside In “

STEM Conference September 2017

Markus Heitkoetter “Stocks & Options Trader

Mirela Sula: “Building a Global Market from Zero-to-A Million”

Tom Hazzard- “Broadcast Your Message & Build a Following that Converts”

Tracy Hazzard: “Rethinking Product Launch Strategy to Create Success by Design”

Dr. Darwin Perkins & Dr.Karen Perkins: “Why Working in Silo’s Hurts Companies”

Dr Gayle Carson: “Media Limelight: Why You Want Media Attention”

Tanya Marie Perez: “Her Need Ignited an Unprecedented Skincare Product Launch”

Dr. Karen Hypolite: “Think, Create, Innovate via STEM”

Pegine Echevarria “Leadership: from Street Gang to Impact Influencer”

Lu Camarena Meshulam: “Building a Business from Zero to Makeup Line”

Martin Lopez: “The Curiosity Theory”

Mickey & Nicole Reveron: “Creativity + Innovation = Photography 3.0”

Carlos Serrano: “A Kid with a Dream Becomes “The Empanada Guy”

Dustin Mathews: “Why Speaking is the Best Platform for Positioning”

Rachel Calderon: “Strategic Positioning… Standing Out In A Saturated Market”

Ivette Mayo: “Bolstering Women to Find Their Power””

Michael Martinez: “A Private I’s Growth Process”

Mai Vu: “Yes, Love Sells”

Manny Torres: “Why Image is Everything in Business”

Emily Letran: “From Fugitive to High-Performance Mogul”

Rocio Perez Maisson: “How She Built a Radio Station w/o Speaking One Word of English”

Edwin Rivera: “How to Find Non-Traditional Loan & Investment Ventures”

William Padilla: “A Boy, The Bronx, A Dream: Fireman, Entrepreneur, and Inventor”

Aquiles Larrea: “Why Wealth Must be a Management Situation”

Nancy Jimenez Townsend: “Not JUST Another Real Estate Agent”

Dane Marrero: “Body, Mind, & Spirit – Growing Your Health From the Inside Out”

Nancy Audian Allen: “Growing Your Revenue Through Government Certification”

Ramona Ortega: Money Matters – “My Money My Future”

Edwin Rivera: “How an Inventor Got His Boxing Product Launched BIG”

Sarah Andrus: “Healing via Essential Oils – The Spiritual Part of Healing”

Lisa Miller & Jackie Oberst “Saturated Markets Need Innovative Initiatives to Soar”

Dr. Isaura Gonzalez: “How She Created Her Tribe to 1000’s”

Bruno da Gama: “Health is a State of Mind”

Rosie Otero-Walsh: “Her Passion for Building Kids Up – Took the Youth Center from 6 to 700 Kids”

Manny Figueroa: “An Entrepreneur Since Adolescence How he Built his Dream”

Dr. Ruby Gonzalez: “How Science = Innovation, Creativity, & Tenacity”

Dr. Nilda Perez: “Gratitude is a Mindset NOT a Circumstance”

Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez: “A Cuban Immigrant Understands the Power of Conversations”

Susan Baumann “The Importance of Being Ahead of the Shifts in Business”

Rachel Calderon: “Marketing IS All the Rage”

Jorge Buret: “Building Kids Up Through Sports”

Dr. Peter Rios: “Organizations Need Robust Innovative Ideas and Great Foresight”

Cesar Perez: “Creating Digital Recording for Autism”

Virginia Rodriguez: “Creative Thinking in the Classroom Catapults Dreams”

Raymond Collazo: “Creating a Platform for Artists – FilmLinkUp”

Dr. Nilda Perez First Episode