A Boy, The Bronx, A Dream: Fireman, Entrepreneur, and Inventor

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William Padilla is partner of Mamajuana Café the Bronx. As well as a retired fire fighter at the NYFD, he was a first responder at the 9-11 tragedy. He has pressed through many adversities in his life that are a result of his great success.

William is an innate entrepreneur since his late teens. He has established a number of businesses throughout his lifetime while simultaneously maintaining a career as NYFD. Today he is:

·      Master Carpenter

·      Owner of Bronx Base Builders

·      Owner & Financer of 7 One 8 Lounge

·      Partner of Babalu Restaurant – Throgs Neck, Bronx

·      Partner of Mamajuana Café the Bronx

·      Has been in the entertainment industry & restaurant business for over 10 years

He is also a:

·      Retired Fire Fighter/Officer at the FDNY 21 years

·      First responder at 911

·      An inventor of a patented apparatus for firefighters called IPE83 HOSE HANDLING DEVICE

William has a very diverse resume and that come’s from his innate ability to “create, innovate, and be a trendsetter.”

Born in Puerto Rico, he came to New York at age 5, and brought up in the Bronx. He has defied all the odds of what most think can come from an inner-city kid. He graduated with a 6th-grade reading level but his tenacity, perseverance, and drive has brought him through unprecedented levels.

William Padilla is, an innovator, creator, risk taker, and stepped up to all his business challenges which = entrepreneur.

Interview with William Padilla Entrepreneur & Inventor

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