“Tomorrow Matters: Let’s Consider the Future”

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Dr. Ahmad has a Ph.D. in Management of Futures Studies (FS), which is known as Strategic Foresight & Scenarios. FS is an interdisciplinary new generation of scientific attitude toward future that includes a chain of physical and biological issues along with social and humanities subjects. His focus is on future technologies and social changes in order to create a desirable and sustainable future.

Dr. Ahmad has over ten years’ experience in teaching business, management, economy and marketing and also nearly two decades of work experience in international trade. During these years he mentored and coached people to establish their own business and work with different cultures. In recent years, he discovered the various aspects of social sciences in politics and history of global issues by studying the future scenarios of the global mega-trends.

His scientific research has focused on the fundamental findings which include designing the Future Time Creation Model. His Ph.D. dissertation and discovering the creation conceptual model of the origin of the idea of future scenarios etc.

His experience, training, and success have been his spearheading behavioral changes. He has discovered that Our decisions about the future depend on how we THINK the world works. If we see the future we want then we will be willing to make changes NOW. Opportunities are fleeting like clouds, so we should discover and seize the good ones. The idea of yesterday is the vision of today and the reality of tomorrow. So, learn from the past, live for the present, and work for the future.

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