Strategic Positioning… Standing Out In A Saturated Market.

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Rachel Calderon has joined forces with Foresight Strategies Group/Academy as CMO. She does digital design and marketing for FSG. She has merged her unprecedented skills of taking businesses and catapulting their online presence and creating an interest and a buzz.

She is a B.A. student at Full Sail University where she has sharpened her innate skills with technical practicality. She does customize web design, web hosting, e-commerce, automated marketing, SEO, email marketing, and social media coaching. She also specializes in CRM with Infusionsoft and Ontroport, this is key for relationship management with clients and potential clients.

Rachel has mastered taking difficult concepts and simplified them to help even a non-tech audience which facilitates their process to the online approach. She is a lifelong learner building on her knowledge to better serve her clients. She is an excellent listener which is key in transmitting a company’s vision to an online personality.


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Welcome to the Dr. Nilda Business Foresight Show we have another show and today I have a special guest whose name is Rachel Calderon. She is my CMO and we have been discussing a topic that I thought was important to bring to the show today because it’s been something that has been happening a lot lately. I think with the spring and the changes and people wanted to make changes in their business it’s been something that has kept coming up. I thought it merits some attention and merits a conversation. So, with me today is Rachel Calderon. Hi Rachel.

Hi, how are you?

I’m okay.

I’m happy to be here.

I am so glad.

I’m usually behind the scenes.

I know but this time we had to bring you front and center because we have been discussing a topic that I think is very important for people to hear, to understand, and can process how marketing works. What are the things that you need to have good marketing? It’s not this on the fly slap something on and go but you must have a good strategy. The one thing that the Foresight Strategies Group and Academy is known for is for their strategies. You being a member of Foresight Strategies as my Chief of Marketing I know that you totally understand this. My first question Rachel is, a lot of people come to you and ask you to do marketing for them. They’ll tell you can you do Facebook marketing, Twitter or Instagram marketing all of which you can do. They ask how can I grow my following and basically those Facebook ads or is it ads? What exactly is it that they’re asking you for?

Well, people do ask me about Facebook ads. They ask me about marketing in general and sometimes they come to me and they want to grow their list. They want to get a better following or there’s a lot of different people who come to me for different things in the marketing aspect. Now marketing can be direct mail marketing, copy marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. but, it’s a lot more complex. Also content and they’ve asked me for a lot of things but we have been discussing that it’s not just cookie cutter.

When people are asking you for Facebook ads what are they thinking? Do they think that these are paid ads? What exactly or do they even know exactly what they’re asking for?

I think sometimes they don’t know what they’re asking for and they don’t understand the details especially a lot of the behind-the-scenes details. We’ve merged together and we’re working with the Foresight Strategies Group and we’re focused more on the future. You and I basically have changed my way of marketing. It may not be your average slap an ad on a billboard or just send out copy. Copy meaning direct mail marketing sent directly to people or just to a cold list. I’m learning that you must strategically know where that person’s industry is going and what’s up ahead and let’s focus on marketing towards that new like we say untapped market. I guess when people come to me they come to me like hey I have all these things in one basket and I want you to help me. How do I figure out how to send this to all these people? Sometimes they don’t even have a list or they have too many things that they’re good at. I’m not knocking any one person because we all are multi-talented. I’m very creative so I wear a lot of different hats and I can sell things differently. You must hone things in a little bit more and and see the direction of where you truly at the end of the day want to go. Do you want me to market to something that’s short-term or something that’s long-term?

When they’re coming to you they’re not coming to you to ask for a strategy but they’re asking you for an instant solution to their problem? We’ve become a very microwave generation that we want things done quickly. How can I grow my list in 30 days? Unfortunately, this is the stuff that’s being sold and then people are very disappointed when things don’t happen overnight. Because, if I couldn’t grow my list to a million in 30 days then after the fifth day you’re going to have five or six thousand and that’s not even realistic. What you’re looking to do is to be able to identify exactly who they want in their market so it’s very specific but you could get a thousand people to sign up but are they your target market? That’s kind of the direction that you want to put them in is that accurate?

That is absolutely accurate I mean like I said are there marketers out there that can grow your list? I’m sure there is. I’ve even heard of people buying lists. Now sometimes if you’re not careful you’re wasting your money and sometimes those lists lead to nowhere. I mean I watch our email marketing and I can tell you that sometimes because the way we work we are such a fast-paced environment now. We just don’t have the time. You don’t understand that people forget their email or how to get into their email because they’re so busy. Do you know how many people I know that forget their passwords, their user name, and they’re like uh and they’ll create 17 accounts. Now are they real accounts? Yes, they are and there are real people behind those accounts but what are the chances that they open them up with? Or, they created new ones because they forgot it. What I try to do is be careful and I think a lot of the times people come to me and they expect like a great answer. I hate to tell them no that’s impossible or no that’s not a good fit or a match for me or for you. That’s what I don’t want. I don’t want people to get an email address just to get it and then it leads to nowhere.

At the end of the day it’s about having sales and you can only sell to people that want to buy from you. So, it’s best and one of the most prominent marketers said, “It is better to have a small list that’s tangible that is filled with people that want to follow you than it is to have a broad list of people that have no interest and they’re not really your target market. So, anybody can have a list and I have to tell you I’m known for that. I remember I spent about five thousand dollars on a list and this was a cold list and this list was the biggest waste. I should have gone on vacation honest to God I should’ve taken the money and I should’ve gone on vacation because the list led nowhere. It was a dead end not that these were not real people because they were emails because they didn’t bounce back. Here’s what happened. Although the emails never bounced back what also didn’t happen was they weren’t my target market most of them didn’t even open it. Why didn’t they open it? They had no interest in what I was selling. They had no interest in what I was saying. They had no interest in me so, with that said I totally get what you mean about those dead-end emails or having that dead-end followings. Anybody can say oh yeah you’re giving that away oh I’ll get on that list and that’s all they want. They want that one item and then that’s it they’re done. So, that’s exactly where you don’t want to bring people is that accurate?

Exactly and that is what I try to prevent because again I always believed when things tend to grow slow they tend to stay around longer. If people are not interested, and I know you had to learn this because you had a very large list and I said Nilda there’s a lot of people that are not responding. I mean because it’s analytical and I’m not knocking any marketer because we all see the mathematics behind the marketing. We look at the bounce rates and bounce rates can be the server went down, it can be that it’s a bad email, we don’t know so I don’t necessarily throw away a bounce email. Now if it’s continuously bouncing I know that it’s going nowhere then I’ll delete it. I’ll get it off my list because I just don’t need someone or I don’t believe that anyone should have anyone who is not opening emails or that it just keeps coming back. They’re not interested and it’s okay. I also look at patterns. There are also patterns that you should look at in your autoresponders or your CRM. I think CRMs are a lot better and they’re a lot more robust because they give you more analytics.

I love that can we can we stop here for a second and can you sort explain the difference between one and the other because that’s another thing people don’t know. They don’t know what the difference is they don’t even call it autoresponder. These are all terms that we don’t necessarily have to know but that’s why we rely on the marketers like you.

Autoresponders just basically collect emails. Then you send blast emails or you can you can set up campaigns and things like that but it’s a lot less robust. Rather than send the emails to one person at a time, you send one email to many.

You can’t use your own personal email for it?

No, because usually it just gets clogged up. There’s spam and there’s also that possibility that other people can get your email which you don’t want. You want to protect the privacy of your list of the people who have a real desire for your product or service. So, you want to protect that. That’s why it’s good to have an autoresponder however it has its limitations. What I love about CRMs (Customer Relationship Management System) I think most people especially if you’re trying to bring you’re your list up and your clicks and your opens you know those are awesome tools. That’s an awesome platform to have especially when collecting emails because you can send out multiple emails. You set up campaigns. I’ll give you an example we do webinars. We do our first set of emails, welcome emails, reminder emails because believe it or not in this day and age there’s a lot of people who are so busy. At first when I was doing this don’t get me wrong I was just kind of like oh my gosh how many emails can I send people. The response level that I received was “I am so grateful you sent me so many emails on that particular day because I would have forgotten to get on that webinar,” or, “that webinar was that important to me and I didn’t want to forget.” But, because again we’re so busy and it is such a saturated market and there’s so many obstacles in our way (Facebook, the phone’s ringing, the house phones)

there’s too many distractions so it’s nice to have this email. They’re friendly reminders and I try to keep them simple and not inundate with so much stuff. Just straight to the point because I’m a straight to the point person. I like you to remind me but don’t overwhelm me so, I also respect when I’m doing these emails and I’m setting these emails up for my clients I respect who is on the other side. I respect the person who needs to remember. I also respect the person who doesn’t like too much so it’s an in-between. I try to give them enough but not overwhelm them. So, that’s why it is important to watch who is on your list because you don’t want people to start opting out or to start putting in complaints. Therefore, it is important to have a small list. I’d rather have a hundred people who are willing to open my emails, will buy from me, and have a 100 percent open rate than someone who isn’t interested. So, when you have a list it is better to have it smaller in my eyes. Now again not too many people agree with me and that’s fine right you know this is not here to knock anyone.

The reality is that it may start with a hundred. You have a hundred people who want your information and care about what you do. The number is very small but the idea is always to grow that list and that customer relationship is going to keep growing. It goes from a hundred to possibly two hundred then six hundred and before you know it you have a thousand two thousand three thousand people that are interested in your product or service. They are interested in you as the individual because people don’t buy things they buy you.

Absolutely and that is also another thing that is very difficult for a lot of people to understand. They have a product they want to push it or they have a service and they want to push that. I’ve had to tell people what you want and where your mind and the end result is in mind you have to understand that there are a lot of changes that you have to make before. Sometimes you have to take some steps back. I remember when I started with websites it was like no I’m going to do this but then I had all this competition and all these things that were up against me and I said okay wait. I mean I even went as far as to shut down the business and I had to rethink where I wanted to go. Do I want to go back to a job? I ended up going back to a regular nine-to-five which ended short after like six months. I was like no I know what I want to do right now. It helped me to rethink, rebrand, and do a whole new business model. A whole new way of where I’m going. Even now today I’ve made some tweaks. I mean we talk almost every other day because we work together but even that I’m like hey you know what I think I’m going to change this and I’m going to tweak that because again when I market myself I want to market myself. I want people to buy because it’s me and they trust me.

You want to be able to deliver. So, when somebody comes to you and asks you, “Rachel I need Facebook ads because I need to build my list. Facebook Ads is how to do it and I want you to do that or I need a website because I need to grow my list and I need to let people know that I’m here.” They’re very intentional and they’re thinking inside the box not understanding that there are so many other steps. You’re able to give them what they want but they must take other steps to be able to get there. How frustrating is that for them when you tell them this is not the way?

I think it kind of is a bit frustrating because remember we’re in a society that we want instant results. One and done. I want it today and why can’t I get it now? I understand I get it because when I buy something I want it now not one to two weeks from now. I don’t want it a day from now I want it now. With that being said, marketing does not work that way. I always say if you’re going to invest, because it’s an investment, I don’t want you to invest on a dream with me and then I can’t deliver what you want. There are other things that are not in place right so, I had to tell people you must revamp. Why don’t you get on this webinar? Why don’t you talk to Dr. Nilda so you can understand where I’m going? I’m trying to help them to get what’s in their mind into a reality. Sometimes they don’t quite get that and I think I’m a Debbie Downer and I feel so bad. I’ve had to turn away a lot of people and it’s not that I want to turn people away. It’s not lack of manpower, it’s not lack of knowing how because I’ll tell them I can’t do that. The problem is that I don’t I feel that where their mind is and what they want at the end of the day are matching up so, I can’t take on that job.

You feel that they’ll feel that down?


Because you didn’t deliver what they thought they would get and it’s only because the way that they want to get there you can’t deliver it that way?


Let’s talk about case in points. I know a few a few months back somebody came to you. They were part of a larger company and they wanted to brand. They wanted Facebook ads, they didn’t have their own website, and they were not branding themselves. So, I remember you bouncing this off of me and what you said was, “I am struggling with this because what they want I can’t deliver. They don’t have a personal brand so, they’re going to spend all this money and it’s the company that’s going to benefit from this but not them. Then they have a choice of picking from that company whoever they want when in the meantime my client is paying for these ads.” That was difficult for you because you were like, “I am trying to convey that message.” You weren’t sure that you were conveying that message in a way where they would A embrace it or B feel that you were rejecting them. You couldn’t deliver what they wanted because it wasn’t going to benefit them.

Right that’s exactly what I try to explain. That company or that person who came to me wanted me to do some ads for her and to promote her. When she would direct them back it was directing them back to a general or generic site. You and I, if we were part of the education system we’d all get the same thing. All we get is a picture on there and that’s it so what do we remember? Again, we go back to the fact that we are such a busy society. What do we remember? We remember logos. We remember jingles. You see we remember things that we see more than seven or eight times. That is the reasoning behind the fact I have to sort of let them down and say I can’t take that on. I don’t even know what they ended up doing but I know that I she was highly disappointed. For my integrity, I couldn’t take that on. I could not take

that on because I said what you’re asking for you’re just benefitting the company that you work for and the education system that you’re working for. We have to revamp you and there is a way that they can

brand themselves and because of the code of ethics they can always let them know that they work for this company. But, people are still buying you so when you put out an ad and they see your face they’re never going to forget who you are.

Rather than going to a site where they have to go through so much to find you which is a chore.

Exactly right and just to give you some idea even when it comes to business cards. You see these cards with no picture chances are I’m just going to throw it away because I won’t remember who they are. I just won’t remember half the time I’m like who is this and it could be an important person that I really want to stay connected with. They had it so generic. When we go to networking events, on a plane, we’re at speaking events, etc. if you don’t have your picture I’m not going to remember. If I have a picture I will tell you right now, you’ll never forget. Like with your business car it has a picture and they will never forget you. They won’t throwaway this card because we just branded you.

Exactly, with that said I have to tell you I have gotten calls from people who have my cards for a year or two years. They’re like you know what I kept the card because I saw your picture and I remembered and I knew that I was going to get in touch with you. Now that may be a business that is now ready to revamp and become more creative/innovative or that can be for a speaking engagement. It runs the gamut. Here’s the thing with the picture because I branded myself then they’ll know they’ll remember and then they can have and keep that connection.

That’s what I try to explain to a lot of people. I’ve even had long conversations with you and you’re like, “How do I tell the person I’m sorry but what you’re asking for we need to take a few steps back before I can get you where you want to go?”

The reality is that where they want to go is not impossible.

No, it isn’t okay it just needs revamping.

What would you say to a realtor? A lot of realty companies they have small brokerage firms. For the most part they have the big ones like William Keller or any name-brand. With that said, how can a realtor stand out? What do they have to do? They want ads. They want to get more clients they want to attract because the main thing now is that attraction model so, they want to attract clients to them. What are your thoughts on that?

There’s a lot of things that they can do. I will just say that branding or rebranding them because they’re still person. It doesn’t matter where they go, what company they go to, if they move from one company to another company to another company as long as you’ve branded you. Most people will just follow the person especially if you set that precedents. Another thing is authority. Having something that gives you authority like books, speaking engagements, radio shows, etc. I mean how many people in our industries do we know have all these different platforms?

Cochran. That woman Cochran she’s a realtor and she has all those platforms that was strategic that was a very strategic move. That wasn’t haphazard like all of a sudden, she showed up on The Today Show. That was a strategy and she’s in the shark tank.

There you go. You see so because of that and because she really looked at her possibilities of where she can go she’s revamped herself by branding herself. Now she can market on speaking engagements, book writing, television shows, etc. I mean now people are paying her just to show up.

And she is still a relator but she is so much more than a realtor because all those doors were opened for her and she strategically positioned herself for that.

She set that authority. She put herself on a platform where she can be the go-to person. There’s a difference so, this is what I try to explain to a lot of people. I can go on and on and on writing books is just a little piece of the pie. It’s far beyond selling the book. People just don’t grasp what I’m trying to tell them that can just be a possible lead generation that could be a great giveaway. They’re like, “Giving away a book that I just wrote? You know how hard that was?” Yes. Even you have told me time and time do you know how much work I put into everything and I’m like I know just follow my lead let me help you along. You’ve seen all the platforms that I’ve been able to bring you to.

Right and that has really made a huge difference. There is one aspect that I am totally the authority but that area without good marketing would never have been known. I would never be where I am if it wasn’t. It really is such an even combination of being creative and innovative in my positioning. It’s also about good marketing, good PR, good background, etc. and that goes way beyond my scope.

I mean because again you do put in. I don’t do the content I tweak it in a way that it that it sells but you have put in the work. Another thing is before it was okay well I want you to just market me and that’s it. I’m like no, no, no you have to put in some work. You had to do all this these things. I’m going to tell you this is what you can do to get you there but you’re going to have to put in the work. You know that you’ve put in a lot of the work so I’m not going to say that it’s all been me. It’s been a team it’s been both you putting in the time.

Because I’m the authority in the area that I need you to market. I remember at one time people were telling me it’s a lot of writing because I still spend a lot of time reading and a lot of time writing. A lot of people tell me that’s a lot of time why don’t you outsource your writing. I’ve never once in my life have gotten in it because I tried this for a while. I tried paying five dollars and I tried paying $50 for an article and you know what I learned at the end of the day? I’m the authority how can I possibly expect somebody else to give me what only I can do?

Exactly and that’s the other issue. It’s not a microwave. It’s not one and done. It’s not let me get a five-dollar article. I mean it depends on that the message you want to convey. As I know that myself I would be very careful. I don’t align myself with just anyone. I don’t let people just write a story about me because they’re going to chop up what I’ve done. They’re not going to convey that message. All that time that I’ve spent in school you think that they’re going to sit there and sit down and analyze everything that I’ve done throughout these years? Absolutely not. All the time and the energy that I that I spent they’re not going to take that time. Again, if you’re paying five dollars fifty dollars, for them it’s just a job.

I got a lot of stuff that was spun. It wasn’t even original content which is another thing. I got one article that I wanted to elaborate on and they actually used one of my articles online and gave that back to me. They were paying such little attention that they didn’t even try. I’m reading it and I’m like I wrote this and I looked and sure enough they had copied my article on this topic that I wanted to elaborate on.

There you go so, it’s important when looking for someone to market you and everything to understand. At least me if they want to come to me I have no problem but I think I inundate them with a lot of information when I have to say no. I tell them look you have to change some things. You have to really tweak something. I’m not taking away from what they do because they’re excellent. They’re experts. We know someone in Florida who sells multi-million dollar homes to these high-end clients. I can’t sell a house because that is not my expertise however she’s excellent at it so she can turn those houses over like it’s nothing. I feel bad when I have to tell them I’m sorry I can’t help. We have to redirect certain things at the end of the day I found that it’s for the better. When they go through the process that we speak about their end result is forget about it.

It’s a lot more powerful than they even imagined. This is where I look at Dr. Phil. He’s a therapist but he was able to position himself strategically and many others. They’re not their product they’re themselves and their product as a result of who they are. They are the authority so one of the things that you did for me which I am so super grateful for is when you branded me. I have a vCard which is a virtual card. It’s all about me, the things that I do, the things that I’ve done, and the places that I have come from and made me who I am. So, when they go into that’s all about me and it’s not narcissism. It’s them to getting to know the person behind the company not getting to know the company. Getting to know the person and the company coming behind rather than the company being front and center. Then you’re coming behind because a company is a living organism and they’re only as good as the people that run it. That’s what I learned from you. You were like no we need to brand you and I was like okay I was a little uncomfortable with that in the beginning it just didn’t feel right. Then I realized that you were totally right it was the only way to do it.

Exactly again because of the saturation of people selling maybe not what you’re selling but in general it is so saturated. How about if your company goes down because they didn’t follow the strategic foresight business plan that we talked about? Or the model that we talked about a lot or that you talk about? How about if they never did that and they’re standing behind a company and marketing for a company that is going to go down because they didn’t foresee the future? They didn’t see what was happening. So, you spent all this money because let me tell you something with marketing you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in a single week. If you’re not careful with everything you’re going to be marketing something that is going to go down and you wasted that money. Like you said I would have rather gone on a long vacation. I’ll take my hundred thousand I’ll go on vacation because guess what at the end of the day I know I’m not going to get it back or I start reinvesting my money into something like revamping, fixing, tweaking and then spending the money on the marketing.

That’s why foresight strategies to me for the 21st century business, and any business that’s alive today is a 21st century business, is the only way. It is the only way. There are things that are changing too fast. We’re in a fast and furious pace and at this point in in business it’s impossible for you. If you don’t have a foresight strategy plan, then you’re planning to be done. I know there’s a lot of people who are like well it doesn’t matter because once I’m ready to retire I really don’t care but, imagine if you position your business in a way where when you’re ready to retire they will you can sell your company. Then take that a step further after you sell your company, because you are your company remember you’re the face of that company, they would pay you for your intellectual property. In other words, they would pay you because you’re the brains behind that and they need your brain. We have such marginal minds and we have so many boundaries. We are bound by well this is good enough and that’s good enough and to be honest with you, I cannot say it enough we are created to create that was our God-given gift from the very beginning. It was all about creation and creating and we have the capability of creating and yet we don’t. So, marketing as you begin to create and as you begin to become creative and position yourself the marketing becomes what’s going to shine that light on you as you’re evolving and coming up. It’s like coming up on the stage. The light is marketing that is showing here and bringing it all together. It’s showcasing you and bringing you visibility.

Like you said there’s a lot of people who are looking to retire well why not get your business in a good position. You know what it is to work so hard I mean we put in hours in this business. We put in hours and hours and hours and hours in this business sometimes 12 hours to the point that we’re like okay we can’t keep doing this. I mean 80 hours and we can’t keep doing that because we already know your body just starts to shut down on you. Time is running against you sometimes. So, you put so much time and energy why not like you say sell that expertise and position that company in a way where it’s working now for you. That’s a great retirement plan and nowadays people are retiring and they have to go back to work. Guess where? A simple nine-to-five job that they truly hate. You know what I’m not going to feel bad anymore. I rather say no to you then come to you and say oh sure I can do that marketing for you no problem because it’s not going to work. I rather, for my integrity, say no. When people come to me I already start with oh man you could do this and that. I think I go a little Albert Einstein on them with all these ideas. They look at me like whoa.

This is the difference between knowing all their potential possibilities and not being aware of those potential possibilities. Again, this is nothing bad against them it’s just this is a reality that knowing really positions you in a great way. I always say I’m so excited because I am excited. To me it’s such exciting information and I’m like if I can put this in everybody’s hand nobody would fail. I don’t care what you’re doing. If you want to work for somebody else and you have this, you can use this. I would rather that you have your own business but even if you didn’t it doesn’t matter because it’s that kind of information that is critical. You cannot live without. The worst part is they don’t know it.

What’s so funny is as a marketer sitting here I’m already saying huh this is a good even for relationships. You start foreseeing things that are happening and say let me let me start tweaking this part about my relationship or let me tweak this part about my job if you do have a job. Those people are also just as important.

We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Absolutely. I refuse to knock anyone from the cleaner to the business manager. I will not knock anyone because we all need each other.

It takes a village I am so excited for the possibilities that businesses have. The possibilities that people have. There’s so many things that we feel work against us everything is so rapid everything is changing so quickly and that may be perceived on the one hand as a negative. On the other hand, that is such a positive because we have a lot of things working for us. Having people that are technological, having good marketing, having a good support staff, having all the people that you need to run a business. I think every member of a team is equally as important. I’ve been saying this for many years even way before I had my own business. I always was very respectful, very loving, and very gentle with even the maintenance staff. Why? Because when I needed maintenance I didn’t have a mop and I couldn’t clean my own office and they did all of that. The reality is that it takes that whole team to make a business work it takes that whole team to make everything work so every member of a team is equally as important and deserves just as much love, honor, and respect. I think this is this is really good information. I think we’ve covered a lot here and again if anybody has any questions concerns comments I would love to hear from everyone.

I’m here as soon as the show is done I’m right here whatever it is that you have questions on. My marketing style has changed and it’s not just marketing I’m a marketing strategist.

I always tell people without strategy it’s impossible to achieve anything so it really is all about strategy. It’s like chess game. It’s not a sprint you’re not going to go in and win. You have to be very strategic about every move that you make. It’s best if you don’t make a move rather than make the wrong move. To really achieve that ultimate achievement it’s going to take time it has to take time but it’s going to be perfected. Thank you so much Rachel I needed to have you on the show this week because this conversation that we’ve been having for a long time. I know you hate being in front of the camera and you love being behind the camera but truth be told I had to bring you out from behind. This is important and I wanted people to hear this I wanted people to see this I think it’s a great conversation. I hope to continue the conversation.

Definitely, yes that’ll be awesome.

Interview with guest Rachel Calderon on Strategic Positioning…

Standing Out In A Saturated Market.
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