Press Releases

1-14-17: January Radio Press Release

11-29-2016: December Radio Press Release

10-29-2016: November Radio Press Release
09-04-2016: Dr.Nilda Radio Show Launch Date
04-27-2016: FSG Strategically Positions Your Organization for the Future
04-27-2016: FSG Announces Launch of Business Vitality Test
04-11-2016: Foresight Strategies Group, announced the re-branding of A4B
04-11-2016: Vitality Test
04-04-2016: The Launch of FSG
11-28-2015: NMBC: Press Release
11-20-2014: NMBC: Press Release

10-28-2014: NMBC: Press Release

09-17-2014: The Leadership Shift: Press Release