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Mirela Sula CEO of Global Woman Club and Publisher, Editor-in-Chief of Global Woman magazine and the organizer of Global Woman Summit. She is also the creator of Migrant Woman Platform and the organizer of Migrant Woman Conference.


Mirela is mentor and entrepreneur to women. She is a PhD and research candidate in Psychology at Regent’s University. She has authored several bestselling books in her native Albanian. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ is published in America and Turkey. In 2014 Mirela was selected as one of 10 Women Entrepreneur Leaders for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by ICSB. Winner of many awards such as the “Inspirational Award for Women 2015” for Human Rights and the “Up- And – Coming Inspirational Influencer” Award in 2017.


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Hello and welcome to another episode of Dr. Nilda Business Foresight Radio. Today I have a fabulous guest and it’s amazing now I’m getting global guests. Today’s guest is Mirela Sula. She’s a journalist, a trainer, a psychologist, and she’s worked in the media in education for about 15 years. Her background is in psychology, journalism, teaching, coaching, media training, she’s also a publisher and an editor. The chief editor of Global Women Magazine which we’re going to be talking about at length and you are going to know a little bit more about this magazine. It’s fascinating. She is the organizer of the Global Woman Summit. This is amazing so, she’s the creator of the Migrant Women Platform and the organizer. She’s a migrant woman. She also does the organizing of the Migrant Women Conference in London, UK. She is a mentor and entrepreneur. She’s studying for her PhD in psychology at Regent University. Mirela is the author of several best-selling books. One of them is Don’t Let Your Mind Go and this is published both in America and in Turkey. It’s in a dual language. Then in 2014 she was selected as one of the top ten women entrepreneur leaders for Women Entrepreneur Day in ICSB. Then if that wasn’t enough she also won the award as the Inspirational Woman in 2015 for human rights. In 2017 she won the Up-and-Coming Inspirational Influencer. I can’t believe that you’re even here. I don’t know where you found the time but I am so excited and so honored. How are you Mirela?

I’m fine. I’m very good thank you very much. It’s my privilege to be here with you. Thank you for having me and for this kind invitation. It’s my pleasure.

I am so overwhelmed and impressed with all of your accolades. Honestly, these awards are such a small part of all that you do. I’ve been in a doctoral program and I couldn’t. I could barely stay afloat and in spite of this you are running summits not just in the UK but worldwide. Every time I turn around you are somewhere else. I’ve been following you for a little over a year and you can do several places in a month. Then you’re writing books and you’re also editor-in-chief of Global Women Magazine. Where do you find the time?

Well, you know according to me it’s very important to have this balance. This balance means that you have to have eight hours of sleep, eight-hours of work, and eight hours of leisure, pleasure, and creative time. I think I’m in that category of people that if you are passionate about what you do and you love what you do you don’t work any day at all. So, I think I have manipulated these eight hours of certain pleasure and creativity because I think 16 hours that is considered work is not work for me. It’s just having fun, exploring myself, learning more about the world, understanding myself and people that I am involved with. It’s amazing so, I don’t see it as work to be honest. It’s just an exploration every day and discovering yourself.

I love it. I love it. You have started a global movement because this is a movement. What you have done is so beyond because I know a lot of women do a lot of things for women. They have coaching for women, entrepreneurship for women, training. But, you really started a movement. A global movement of women that supports, teachers, coaches and encourages. Then you’ve used that same platform and you have the Global Woman Magazine which promotes them and talks about the things that they’re doing. So, this is fascinating. Why did you find this movement to be necessary?

Well at times you don’t know it is a movement until you see that other people are following you to be honest. I will be very honest with you when I started I had no idea that this was going to be global. Sometimes as we say be careful of the words because there is an energy and vibration and you’re attracting things. The idea of having a Global Woman Magazine I just wanted something attractive something that includes all the women. It was very funny because at the beginning I’ve been in this country less than five years and I was struggling to start. I wanted to do something that I’m really passionate about. I always refused just to work for the sake of salary. I want to love what I do so in the beginning I started a magazine full of Albanian women because I’m from Albania. Later on, I started to meet women from other communities because I was involved with the project of domestic violence for migrant women. I met a lot of other women from other communities. They said well we love your magazine but we don’t understand any word. We would love to be in your magazine but we are not Albanian. Then later on, I started another magazine that is called Migrant Woman I said don’t worry I will do another one. So, for Albanian woman I put that magazine online. I started Migrant Woman online and print. I started to promote it and interview women that we’re from all places of the world but mainly based in London. After a while, I met a lot of amazing British women. They loved the magazine it was very glossary very luxury magazine in print as well. They looked at it and said wow we love the magazine but what a shame we’re not migrants are we allowed to be part of it? Then after a while I said well I have two great limitations. I have to create something that includes all women of the world what should I just put in global? Well when I put the word global there I had no idea it would go global at all. Here we are now in less than two years Global Woman Magazine is everywhere now. When I say everywhere it’s online everywhere but also, we have raided clubs with Global Woman. We came up with this idea because I always love people. I like our online platforms of course and with technology the digital option is absolutely amazing but I also want to do some work offline as well.

Hi touch. They say oh technology is wonderful but then you also want high touch. You want to be able to bring those women together in a platform where they would be able to talk and hug. We women we just loving hugging. We just want to be able to connect on a different level which really happens when you take it offline.

That’s so true. Absolutely. I’m such a cool networker. I connect people everywhere and because I was interviewing a lot of women all around the world anytime that I could see some connections and synergy I didn’t need to ask their permission I just used to connect them. I said oh I think you should connect with this person she’s good. I saw myself connecting people. Then I said well I probably should invite all these women now that they know each other virtually. They can come and meet each other. They can come and build their networking and business partnership because I could see that a lot of women they’re doing great in money areas. But, they could not monetize their work, their skills, and their experience. I call it otherwise monetize your mind. So, now we came also with global among clubs. We started to travel to different countries and now we have clubs in Chicago, in Amsterdam, in Stockholm, in Paris, of course in London, and we’re going to LA in October and in Dubai as well.

It started as a magazine from the magazine you started developing small clubs and from these clubs you actually have a summit that’s come out of that.

Before when we had been Migrant Women Magazine we created a platform for women that came from other countries. They don’t know where to start, what to do, and they probably have a lot of experience and skills but they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t have that confidence. So, we created the Migrant Woman Platform Talks. So, first we started with events with migrant women. Then we are registered. Migrant Women is a charity. As a nonprofit organization, we can help a lot of women that need, at the beginning, some health and support. Global woman is a proper business trying to convince ourselves that it’s okay also to be good in business. So, we can do a lot with our time. We can give ourselves to the world. I have come to the conclusion that if we also create a budget that is a budget that we decide how to use it can be used so good. We can use it for social good and to contribute for many good things in the world. So, that’s why when you put a purpose in your goal everything that you have been seeking all the time they come and find you. You are targeted. You stay loyal with your goal, with your mission, you are consistent, you are very serious, you believe in what you’re doing, and then you just see that things are coming and finding you. So, people will still come and find you and then you have a responsibility. Also, the responsibility is to look after your circle. How is it going? Who are these people that are surrounding you? How are you serving to them? I believe in this global vision because the world is not as small as we thought anymore.

That’s right and it’s not as small but it’s also not as big. We do have a social responsibility. That’s how I see myself. I see myself as gifted, right? I’ve been gifted a lesson. I’ve been gifted knowing and learning something and it’s my responsibility to share it with the world. I feel like that it’s that social responsibility. I couldn’t keep it to myself. I can build it myself. I can do it myself but I feel this social responsibility. I really believe that when you see a problem and you’re like somebody should fix that God is telling you yeah you should fix that.

Exactly. Much was made with what you say. This is a very significant part of one of my chapters of my last book Don’t Let Your Love Go. It’s very interesting. I can see more and more women resonate with that because we believe that we come in the world with a gift. To be honest a lot of people they don’t bother to know that they a gift or discover that gift. But good enough we see more and more women, I’m saying women because I know them more, becoming aware in a higher level of consciousness to understand themselves better and to understand their gift. Once we discover our gift we want to develop it with this kind of responsibility that what should we do with it? We have to develop it, to grow it, and once you grow it then you will feel the need to share it with the world. That kind of gift is the more you share the more is given back to you and the more you share the more is given back. So, it’s a kind of test you have to you validate yourself to yourself most of the time. It’s part of the journey.

Right. I love it. I love it. I know you know this as a woman and you also know it from all the women that you’ve worked with is that we innately are givers. Innately were nurturers it’s innate. So, we have that in us and when we start developing that’s the reason why we get and we keep getting back because it is it’s a cycle. It’s very reciprocal you give and you get back. It makes perfect sense. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I think as women we’re more aware of that in us and I love the fact that you’re helping women. Even women who are insecure and not really sure like do I have a gift? What is it? Look just being a mom, just being a wife, just running a home, you’re the CEO.

They are multitaskers.

Yes, absolutely. You’re very aware of detail because everything at home has to run. I mean precisely for the home to be able to run effectively you know? We’re innately built that way.

That’s true. I absolutely agree with you. I’ve seen because when we created the global among clubs the first idea came how can we do something that immediately can have an impact on women? So, we don’t need to wait for long term results short term results how can I see some results? Because I’ve been working with women for probably more than 15 years now about 20 years since I was 20 years old. I could see that and now I have my mantra if you want to empower a woman give her a microphone. When we created the global among clubs my idea was that I don’t want to invite a speaker. We are all speakers. I don’t need a famous speaker. We are all famous. Even when I started the magazine I wanted to create a magazine for these heroes that are working so hard and stay anonymous. All the magazines are with the same faces. I’m like okay with that absolutely we need our heroes we need these celebrities that inspire us every day but also, we have a lot of other women that they have powerful messages to share with the world. These were the women that I wanted to discover. These women, they have a great ability to share their message with others when they come on stage but, they don’t know that. I created the Global Woman Clubs to invite them and speak. I remember very well when I started to invite every single woman in the room because at the beginning we started with 20 women, 30 women. Now we come every month with this club idea to different countries now as well. Every month in London and we give the opportunity to all members to speak in front of the audience and usually it’s an audience of 40 to 50 women. When they come at the beginning or when they come for the first time they’re like no I’m not a good speaker and I never have spoken before. So, if you haven’t spoken before how do you know if you are good speaker or not? What do you do? What do you offer? How can we help you? How can you help us? I have oh my god I have surprised myself and they surprised themselves. They are amazing woman once they come to speak then the problem is that they don’t give the microphone back.

I love it. Then they’re like oh my goodness I can speak.

I remember a woman came, after she missed two or three of the events, she suddenly came to one of our events. She said Mirela you know what it’s your fault I have not been to the last two to three events because I’ve been very busy. People have seen me in social media, in Facebook, online magazines, speaking and they are just being curious what is going on with you? My husband respects me more, my children love me more, and all the people are very curious. They have invited me to go and speak in Brazil and Argentina. I have been very busy and oh my god I didn’t know I’m a great speaker. I said Wow now your job is done. I can see that is only one big surprise for me to be honest. I can see now a lot of women are case studies like that. They come and say wow I have a great power inside me because they can see that they have an audience.

That’s wonderful. You’re a very powerful woman. I want to take a few steps back and I want to know your story. Where were, you raised? Who raised you into this fabulous woman? How did this come to be? Tell me about your childhood and how this started developing in you.

Well my past is my past and I don’t like to live in my past. I visit it sometimes. I have a coffee with my past. I get the lessons that the past has to teach me. I say sorry I don’t have time for you. I’m very busy. I am a new person. I’m absolutely a different person. Every day my cells are reborn. I mean I’m rediscovering myself it’s limitless it’s no limit. So, of course I believe that our past, our childhood, our environment, and our genes as well all contribute. There is a deep place inside us that helps us to discover our self and begin. We have a say with who we want to be and this is what I have discovered. In the last seven or eight years, I got a gift. I call it the best gift that I could have. I try to share with everyone. That gift is a book that is called the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. I try to tell everybody this is a book that if you get it it’s not a book that you can read it in a day, in a week, in a year, in two years, or in seven years. It’s a book that once you get it, it has to be with you all your life. That book has absolutely changed my life and I’m very grateful to Charles Hananel. That helped me to be the person that I am today. Of course, I give a lot of credit to my parents. To the challenges that I had to face in my childhood and a lot of difficulties. There are so many things that I had to face and to learn on this journey everything happens for a reason and I understand now. I’m very grateful to all the miserable moments that I had in my life because they made me who I am today.

It is said that you learn more from the negative things that have happened than the positive things. I can tell you I remember as a leader many years ago, I graduated with my masters. Very shortly thereafter I started running clinics and running departments. I learned more from bad leadership than I did from good leadership. I’ll explain why. It showed me what not to do. It showed me what road not to take. All those details could help me formulate being a better person.

That’s absolutely true but, also, I remember because I have always been a writer. I used to write all of the time since I was a child and until late my poems were very sad. They were a kind of mirror of my inner self and it was obvious that I was not a happy person. It’s because I was sharing the dark moments of a human being like why am complaining all the time? Why is the world not fair? Why do people behave like that? It was absolutely a kind of reflection of an unhappy person. Later on, when I discovered that yes, we can learn a lot from negative aspects of our life but, we can learn more from positive aspects. I have studied a lot of positive psychotherapy. I took some classes on positive psychotherapy. I created a big movement in Albania because I’m from Albania as I said with Positive Psychotherapy Center. Yes, we can learn from negative experiences in our life but I believe that we can learn much more from positive experiences. We need both but, if I’m in a mental environment stage, position, whatever I want to give the positive side of myself. Not always just the negative because as I said my poems were very sad and it was obvious it was a kind of depression inside me. I said I don’t get it. I didn’t know that my poems were so sad until I went back when I rebuilt myself. I said oh my god I can’t believe that people bought my books my books are very desperate. So, I believe that people need more positive inspiration. They need to believe that they can rely on positive aspects of their lives and mirror positive aspects of themselves as well. So, it’s a balance of both. We go through challenges and when our life is tough we should be tougher. We should stand up, wake up, and get to know the lesson. If it comes back again it means that we are not getting it right so, until we get it right these things will come again and again and we do it again and again. I find myself a lot of times working with women and sometimes they come in a very down place and complaining about they don’t feel good or they feel down or they feel sad. That is a part of being human. If we feel bad today just accept it, you can’t refuse it. There is a level of the curb that when lot of people feel very dumb it’s because they try and try and try. They go up and down and they go back again. So, when we come to a moment that we feel in a dark place we have to reflect on that moment. We have to connect with ourselves, to sit down, to close our eyes, and to understand why this moment is in our life. Once we get it we have to also relish it, to honor it, to accept it, and to understand that yes this is part of my life. It’s time to move back and to move on now.

I love it and I also believe that even in the worst of circumstances you have to look for the good in that. I know they’ve been things in my life that are pretty horrific but, I’m like okay at least I’m still here. At least I’m certain. When you start thinking that way you start pulling the positive even in a negative situation.

Oh yes. Now when you prepare yourself come to that level of consciousness you know why everything is coming. You don’t worry honestly because what creates problems is not the event per se. It’s the way we see the event. When a bad event comes in my life I just try to understand the angle and to see okay this is coming for something good. Everything bad that comes in our life comes for better. When something is not coming, is stopped, and is blocked it means that it is not ours. It’s not our door. A better thing is coming and when I put that intention honestly, I have seen that happening all the time. There are a lot of synchronicities happening so, when I ask for something and it doesn’t come okay thanks universe do you think that I deserve better? That’s the way it happens. For example, if I want an interview let’s say in X magazine and it doesn’t happen I say thanks God. A better interview is probably coming and it comes. So, it’s not bad. If we see it in a way that well it’s not fair. Who said the world is fair? We have to accept that. That’s the way I see things and it helps to be honest. It helps to cope with challenges and they are a lot. A lot of people that know me they wonder is she normal because she never gets mad? Of course, I’m a human being I have a lot of challenges in life. I remember when my son was younger and we used to talk about these things he was like mom what are you worried about? Problems. Solutions. Problems. Solutions. It’s not easy to be honest but problems are there for us to work with our mind and solve them. Absolutely. I love that. Here is the thing out of all of that you’ve been able to help women globally. That is huge. You’re able to help so many women see themselves for who they really are, to grow, and to speak. You’re giving them a platform. You’re giving them a voice. You’re giving them a spotlight. Your past has been what has helped you become honestly that that roadmap. The yellow brick road to success. You’ve been able to do that even with your past because all of these things have built you up to be able to build others. You’re a thought leader. You’re an amazing woman.

Thank you. I don’t think I’m different from others. I just think I’m following my path, my passion, my destiny, and I’m very passionate about what I’m doing. Also, there is some truth on that because I have been in many challenges and I’ve been in many situations that I see a lot of women in. Now when I listen to their voice I understand them better. Subconsciously they’re like how can you understand? You can’t understand us your life is so different. When they listen to my story, because I share my story very openly, I say excuse me? Hello I’ve been there and it’s not an excuse. That is a reason for you to stand up and turn that into a big lesson and big success because without that you can’t be who you are today. So, that to be honest has helped me a lot but also has helped me to understand how to empower myself. First through my mind but also to monetize my mind because it is a way that women feel. They don’t have enough confidence because of their financial issues and that really hits me. I have been in that situation many times in my life. I’m somehow going through to understand why not only me but a lot of my friends. They’re amazing thought leaders, inspirational, doing great things and at the end of the day they don’t have enough money to travel, to invest in their personal development, or to do something for themselves. It has to be something on this to learn and again I found the answer at the master key system. You mentioned before the concept of giving and that’s very true because women are very giving. But, we, for a long time misunderstood the concept of giving, at least myself. The way I understood giving for a long time was give everything. Give my time, my skill, experience, everything and not charge. I felt very embarrassed asking to be paid for what I serve. Not only me though. Later on when I started to open up with a lot of other women I saw I have a lot of friends and I said well yes it’s very important for us to give but giving means that we give our skills, our expertise, our experience, our loyalty, everything we have but that has an invoice. That has a value. In the value of it and sharing and giving doesn’t mean giving finance. It means that we are a gift to the world and the world need us as a woman and every woman has value or has something that other people don’t have. So, our gift has to be shared but if we don’t put a value on that it is because Charles Hannel said, again, every transaction has to benefit both parts. For a long time, I was not understanding. What does he mean with both parts? Everything that I do any kind of transaction financial or not financial I think is it benefiting me? Is it benefiting the other side? It has to better both parts otherwise it doesn’t work. The moment I got this motto I said well first most of the time women think is it good for other people? Yes. They put themselves on the back but also there are some other people they think is it good for me? I don’t care for others. It doesn’t work like that. It has to be beneficial for both parts. It’s an energy exchange that’s why the more you get back the more you contribute and the more you get back the more you contribute. Then you have dignity and then you have a story to tell and your story can reach a bigger audience. So, that’s the message I try to convey to all women. Giving is not free.

As women, we’re used to that because as mothers it’s a non-rewarding, I mean monetarily, it’s a non-rewarding job. But the reality is that we bring a lot of value and the better trained we are the more experiences even our experiences have a monetary value. I have to tell you if nothing else if nobody takes away anything from this interview that is the most important part. Because we have a tendency of not putting a price not putting a value on our time what we’re giving. We don’t put a price on it and then in the end we feel cheated. We feel we’ve been wronged. Reality is we did it. We did it to ourselves because we never put a price on it. We do that with relationships. We do that in friendships. We do that in so many different areas. The other side of the coin is that as women oftentimes Mirela we feel that our friends owe us to give us their intellectual property and their information free. Because that’s our friend so she should be giving me this free. I’ve had a lot of those experiences and it makes for a bad taste in your mouth. They’re disappointed because you’re not giving it you’re disappointed because that’s what they’re expecting from you and it’s unfair.

Yeah, but, we are getting there. We are learning because, to be honest this is a new journey for a lot of women. Before they were some groups that were kind of coming together. But have you have seen there are so many women’s platform recently. I try to be careful, we involve men in our events as well, because I don’t want to be seen like I’m against men. We need to involve more and more men to understand us better. We say that the more we understand each other the better for both men and women and better for the world. So, to make it clear it’s not man against women or women against men but first to come to a higher level of consciousness and to understand that they are not alone. They can learn a lot from each other but, we are very inclusive to men to come and understand us as well.

I love that. There are things also the men bring to the table that women need to learn. Oftentimes men need to learn our tenderness and we need to learn their structure because men will not under value themselves ever. They put a price on something and no one questions it. I think that’s one of the things that we need to learn from them and they need to learn how to be a little more tender. I think it’s a beautiful combination bringing them into the women’s world and into the women’s mind. There are things that we need to pull from them also would you agree?

Yeah absolutely. I remember at the beginning we said this is women only and then we had a few men coming like well I love your group and why don’t you ask your women? We definitely had a man at the beginning he was insisting and he just came because he heard from online social media. I said sorry but this is women only. Well why are you excluding? Just ask the women. I asked the women should we invite him to be part of the group? And they were like YEAH let’s have him. We do a lot of other events big events we have one on Wednesday for example we are expecting 200 300 women. It’s a new platform that we bought it is called the Business Women Today. It’s a social media for women in business and that is for women only to be honest because the online media. I have to say when I started the Global Woman Club and we were only women it felt very safe. I would suppose that I was inviting very strong women because it was called business breakfast. There were women in business doing very well very strong resilient and we’re supposed to come and talk business. But, because it felt very safe women only very private and guess what? We ended up crying almost all the time. It was a very emotional and very powerful crying and an emotional connection. So, we’re talking business and also understanding that it’s not easy. We’re also understanding that we are not alone in this journey so, there are positive aspects of being women only as well. I’ve seen the difference if we have some men in the group then we get another position we don’t feel so open to share our emotions.

All right I understand that that makes sense so would it be fair to say that you have the balance of both? You have the balance of the women only and then there are certain areas or there are certain events that you would invite men also?

Yeah absolutely. We have a Global Woman Summit the third and the fourth of June just a month ago, and we had about 300 people there. I was very pleased of course. We had a good balance of speakers. We had women and men speakers. Also, I was very surprised to see a lot of Delegates. There were men as well. They wanted to come and learn what is this platform called global woman and what can we learn from that. It was very nice to see that so, absolutely. Now again on Wednesday we have the business woman two-day conference. It’s a new platform to encourage more women in business because as I said that women can be great in business as well. We want to encourage more women to discover their entrepreneurial gifts. We have two keynote speakers and they’re men. The MC is a man of course majority are women. The whole idea is that how we can come to that zone that we can build our confidence that if we are great in other areas we can do great in business as well. We can learn from each other.

I love it so coming from a futurist perspective I would like to know a little bit more about how do you think you’re innovative and how can you innovate even more in your global women’s platform?

Well innovation is very important in any kind of business. It fits me very well because I love change and I get bored very quick. So, all the time my mind is thinking what should I do different? I can’t just do the same things all the time. The good thing is that when I start things I don’t leave things in the middle. I finish everything but because I’m very loyal and very committed to the mission that I get I also get very bored. I always try to be innovative. Innovative in business means to think how can you give your audience what they need? Also, how can you monetize that as well? If you want to be sustainable in business you have to first work a lot with your branding and with your marketing. All you need in business is a platform and a product. So, what I have seen with a lot of women is they have a great platform perhaps but, they don’t have anything to sell. They don’t have a product. Or they have a product but nobody is buying their products because they don’t have a platform. Now with the technology it is very important to match these two together and be innovative. If something has been working yesterday very good doesn’t mean that the same model can work today. We have to be open to it because I have a model today that I’m happy but I’m very flexible to change it immediately like that. I make decisions very quick. A lot of people that know me they say and I usually say that I first do it and then I think about it. So, once I feel that my subconscious is ready I’m doing it. I want to do it and it doesn’t go as I want to I still learn I still get the best of it. I don’t see anything as a failure. For me everything is just a learning process so innovation it means that we have to take risks. I’m a risk taker.

I love that so one of the things that I always teach people in terms of innovation is how can you innovate. How innovative is change? People hate change. I explained that it’s not change for the sake of change but it’s changed. Your biggest competition should be yourself. You should always look to make yourself more marketable. You should look at your product, at your service, at what you do and always figure out how can you make it even better? You should always be and that competition is with yourself.

Yeah that’s true.

That’s what I find with you. A lot of women are doing things for women but, you’re taking that to the next level and constantly perfecting it. What I also see with you is that you listen to your audience. You listen to these women and you’re like here’s a magazine. “Well you know what we should have things where we can get together,” well let’s start groups. “Well you know we need to learn more,” well let’s have summits. You keep evolving and you’re not just making these changes like okay I’m bored let’s do something else but you’re improving. The change is a cycle in progression. It’s sustainable because you’re building its building blocks on what you already know and what you already have that’s what’s fascinating.

After every event, we do a survey and we asked women to give us their honest opinion. What they want and what do they think and that really helps. It helps a lot because they are very open on what their needs are and all the time I just try to match their needs. What I have realized is recently my business went up absolutely to the next level because I provided a platform that has been missing especially in the women’s industry. I wanted to create something very practical not just washy washy. Women need branding. Women need promotion. Women need confidence. Women need to empower themselves. Women need the connection and the networking. I have all of that. If you need to build your confidence come and join the club. We are all equal and I will say it doesn’t matter where you sit. Napoleon Bonaparte used to say whereas it is the head of the place we are all equal we’re all the same the club doesn’t belong to me it belongs to members. If you don’t exist I don’t have a club so they are more important than me. We are absolutely very inclusive. The whole platform provides them PR, marketing, and branding. If they want consultation how to start their own business they get that as well. Design, website, IT, speaking engagements, travelling with us, networking, connecting and once they get all of that ok that is all they need. I’m very big believer of we don’t need just teaching, coaching, and mentoring. I don’t pay a lot of attention to that to be honest. I don’t do mentoring because I don’t have time and all I think women need are platform opportunities. So, somebody teaches me that you need this and this but I don’t have a door, a platform, where to apply, how am I going to do it? Women that come to the global woman club they first do it. Then when they see that they are truly doing it their own way then they go and seek for mentoring and coaching. How they can do it better. We say learning by doing although the best way to learn it is do it. Doing and learn from that.

I love it. Okay so, here’s my last question and it’s probably the most powerful. I hope you don’t need a few minutes to think about this. Where do you see global women, the business, the magazine, the whole thing, where do you see it ten years from now? Twenty-five years from now.

As I said when you start doing then you start preparing yourself what you need to learn. What you’re doing. You need to learn how can you improve what you’re doing. And because what I’m doing is bringing some great results in the community that we have built globally I feel very responsible to be honest. I feel what I’m doing it’s given to me. I’m a channel. I’m used for this purpose for my mission. I have done a lot of work with myself and I have accepted this gift and I’m very honored and very privileged. I can see that my work has an impact. It doesn’t matter where you are. Every woman that is doing something has an impact within the other corner of the globe. I so believe that. I also have learned to work a lot with my subconscious. I have explained this motto in my book Don’t Let Your Mind Go now I’m revising it I’m very happy to have good news very soon with a new publisher. The whole idea is that I believe this is the last message I want to leave the audience with is that we have 10% of our mind that is conscious and is only 90 percent of the subconscious. We all know most of the time we use this 10 percent as much as we can we don’t use ten percent or ten percent all the time. We need a lot of work with the subconscious and our consciousness has to kind of protect our subconscious intuition inner guide everything that is in that 90% and guide it as well because it’s like a guardian. The subconscious mind doesn’t think that’s why I use that 10% of mind to work with my subconscious and tell it what I want to do because most of the time I’ve been just doing it blindly. Now I have to guide my subconscious and tell it exactly what I want to do. You can’t go far without having a plan with your subconscious. Now I’m trying to work with my subconscious and get the most of it and benefit from that gift and get a bigger picture. Get a bigger vision and believe on that stay loyal because we will be put in a lot of challenges and tests so we have to stay loyal with our mission. Because of that I feel that I am guided and I gave a clear guidance to my subconscious. I believe that I can multiply my gifts and I can give more to the world and I can feel fulfilled and help a lot of other women feel fulfilled. Make them believe that if a woman like me coming from a small village starting everything from scratch has the confidence to believe that is able to follow her passion because I don’t think I have done any big thing to be honest but I’ve done the best with my gift. I’ve seen other women doing amazing incredible things but I’m very happy to compare myself with who I was yesterday and this is how I try to also share with my audience all the time. It’s my mantra you don’t need to compare yourself with others or to feel inferior or superior you just feel every day a little bit better than you were yesterday and you feel that you are in your mission and stay loyal with your mission and then your job is done.

I love it. So, in 25 years you’ll just keep improving what you’ve already done and make it better and better. Mirela I tell you I have really enjoyed this interview it has been wonderful you’re a wonderful person you have great energy so positive you’ve done so many great things in your life. I tell you I see you 25 years from now changing the world seriously changing the world because here is the thing we will do it together but we all need a leader. Your position of leadership has really been amazing. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Enzo. He did that painting and it was about Jesus. In the picture, you look for Jesus and he was in the middle and he led from the middle that to me was so powerful because there were people ahead of him. There were people behind he was in the middle prodding the ones ahead along and bringing along those that were behind. That’s the picture of Mirela Sula.

Thank you such a pleasure.

You’re a powerful woman and I thank you for the work that you’ve done. I thank you for the direction that you’re going and I am honored to be a part of your movement and anything that I can do for you.

Thanks for what you’re doing and I think what you’re doing is incredible. It is absolutely amazing and I really love what you do and I’m a big fan of your interviews. You are helping the world to learn more about incredible things that women are doing.

Yeah so, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for being here. I want to thank you for taking time I know how busy you are so it’s a real honor to have you here. Follow her wherever she is because she’s on Facebook. She’s on so many different platforms. She is the pioneer of global women and anything under global woman would be under her. I’ll see you next week with another fabulous interview. Thank you so much for being here, for coming, and for participating. I’ll see you guys next week bye.

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