Why Image is Everything in Business

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Manny Torres is the Co-Founder of Rock My Image a marketing agency dedicated to leverage influencers personal, brand, unique experience, and expertise into business growth systems.

Manny is the agency’s creative director and brand development lead with a knack for connecting clients and partners to the people and resources they need to grow their business. Their mission is to establish businesses to have a professional image that is authentic to who they are and the values that lead them

He is the co-author of Amplify Your Business, the Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success which he wrote with his business partners, Jen DeVore Richter and Kenny Harper. They wrote this book to help entrepreneurs and business owners who want to live the American dream and own their own business.

When his is not working he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Mary Beth, and his sons, Alex and Drew. Manny also enjoys competing in water polo tournaments and tasting the latest local craft beers.

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Website: https://rockmyimage.com

Interview with Manny Torres Co-Founder of Rock My Image

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