“An Entrepreneur Since Adolescence How he Built his Dream”

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Manny Figueroa is a Principal Broker and Security Consultant. His entrepreneurial journey began at age 17. At 14 years old he had a job which began forming his work ethics.

Very young he assumed the responsibility of a wife and children. By 23 yrs old he had two children. This gave him the need to provide and the passion for business. He built his career with the NYPD while simultaneously taking on many small business ventures.

He failed and prospered in business building experience and knowledge throughout. He was mentored and guided and learned about the art of real estate. This led to his becoming the principal broker in his real-estate firm.

His experience in law enforcement made him aware of the relevance of security safety, therefore opened the doors to security consulting in NYC. He ensures the security of dignitaries, corporate executives, celebrities, BET, and Fortune 500 companies. He travels throughout the nation consulting on security safety intelligence.

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