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Mai Vu is the CEO of Hot Life Hot Love a tested tried and true formula for finding LOVE in your life and relationships. She is an award winning international Speaker, and Certified Master Coach. Her engineering background and experience in coaching have been fused and been the bases of her development of variety of successful methods.

With this same ingenuity, she has created the secret formula for LOVE and a truly HAPPILY EVER AFTER with someone. This is not the Disney fairy tale version but the real-life love where you are loved, adored and cherished amid life’s demands and chaos and many years in a relationship.

Mai biggest strength has been in her work with successful women who have got it all together externally, yet struggle in love and relationships. These women have achieved well rounded success because of this formula.

Mai is the first CERTIFIED Asian Female coach in the world – She has trained and certified over 1000 coaches worldwide. She has recently celebrated her 23rd-year anniversary in her support of her international client base live their HOT LIFE with HOT LOVE!

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Interview With Mai Vu CEO of Hot Life Hot Love

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