A Kid with a Dream Becomes “The Empanada Guy

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Carlos Serrano is the founder of the Empanada Guy a very successful food truck service in New Jersey. He manufactures the largest number of empanadas in New Jersey.

But most impressive is the fact that Carlos – the Empanada Guy has no previous professional culinary training or degrees. He has simply earned his success through his innate ability to self-teach, and his self-determination to succeed. He has acquired his achievements through trials and tribulations but despite this has pressed forward.

The Empanada Guy has created more than just a business but he developed a system for making a complicated product in a timely manner with high-quality taste creating a state-of-the-art food truck that specializes in empanadas. His tenacity and determination have resulted in an empanada frenzy. But beyond that, he has developed a business model that positions him to consult and coach others who wish to achieve this kind of insurmountable success.

Carlos has all the battle scars of business ownership which proves that drive to get out of financial distress and bankruptcy took focus and perseverance. He has also perfected an exceptional business model. The Empanada Guy is a family-owned business with his wife as CEO and sister as GM. His success was a joint family effort.


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Website: http://www.empanadaguy.com/

Interview With Carlos Serrano Founder of Empananda Guy
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