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Dustin Mathews is CEO, Author, Trainer, Direct Response & Seminar Marketing Expert at Speaking Empire LLC. His expertise as a copywriter and direct response marketing has been the catalyst in guiding those who want to posture themselves in the speaking arena.
Dustin and Dave Vanhoose have created a detailed “Speaker Training Formula” which walks clients through the process and they are amazed how effective it is. They customize the speaker training to your specific needs, topics and products. This system can easily be applied by you to virtually any training you do now, or in the future.Now Dustin has co-authored a book with the infamous Dan Kennedy (author of multiple books) named the “No B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations

The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Sell Anything with Webinars, Online Media, Speeches, and Seminars.” This book is chock-full of battle-tested strategies and formulas to craft audience-retaining powerful presentations. The book is designed to turn any ordinary business into an extraordinary sell and Dustin Mathews tells all in his book.

I want to welcome you guys back to the Dr. Nilda Business Foresight show and today I have with me my co-host Rachael Calderon who is my CMO. She’s been with me for quite some time and because today we’re talking about branding and presentations which is Rachel’s forte. She’s going to be here and she’s going to be asking questions so this is going to be a very interactive conversation. Today I have with me my mentor and someone I really look up to because he’s been very notable in my business and in my speaking business. I just wanted to introduce him and I’m going to give you a little introduction of Dustin Matthews. So, he does brand response and he’s been doing this for many years he transforms businesses and brands. He is also CEO or one of the CEOs of Speaking Empire and he’s recently written a book that’s called No BS Guide to Powerful Presentations. So, with no further ado he’s been doing this for quite some time I’m very excited to have him on and I’m honored that he agreed to be interviewed by me. So, without further ado here is my special guest Dustin Matthews.

Hey. Thank you I am excited to be here on the innovation show I’m ready let’s innovate.

So, Rachel what are your questions for Dustin?

Well I know the book is on presentations and I know that a couple of weeks back Dr.Nilda and I were talking about branding, about setting that authority and having a presence online. Today and age it’s not just about direct mail marketing. It is so much more because we have such a saturated market and I know that I’ve been to your mentoring classes and out of this world. I’ve learned so much. So, my question to you Dustin is how is it that you, especially through this book because we’re going to be talking about the powerful presentation, feel that this can give our clients a whole lot of authority especially in this saturated market that we have?

Well that’s a great question. You know I think the biggest thing and the biggest revelation in the book and just things that I’ve come across in doing research and working with folks from all parts of the world is this idea that everything in life is a presentation. So, whether you’re marketing your business online, whether you’re a salesperson and you’re selling a product or service, or let’s say you even do customer service or fulfillment I want people to think about everything as a presentation. The challenge is most people don’t. So, let me make that clear. I look at Disney, and we’ll go to fulfillment first because everyone wants to go to selling marketing but, look at Disney. You buy the ticket, you walked through the gates of Disney Lan or Disney World and that is a presentation. Now most people are saying well Dustin I don’t see any slide or I don’t see that. Well the presentation is the experience and so when you walk through those doors you’ve got the balloon handler over here, the ice cream truck there, Mickey’s right there. Everything is choreographed, do you think they’re just letting that happen by chance? No, they’re masters of extracting money out of families in a good way to create the experience. They have an idea if they do something or change something up that presents something different that affects sales and revenue. So, from that standpoint now when you start to think about okay everything is a presentation am I doing things that lead up to the action that I want my audience to take? So, I think the biggest thing in terms of innovators thinking about that is that you know when you look at something, your sales presentation a webinar, Facebook live, or even your fulfillment process, everything is an event. So, now what do you do, what do you do to enhance the experience?

You know I think that that the way you said that was perfect. I was just telling Dr.Nilda over this weekend that I came from the finance world and I’ve been in finance since I was in high school. So, I was telling her that even in collections, because I was very great at collections, it’s all about wording, about how I would get people. I mean I was working for a company that was writing about seventy thousand dollars a year. Prior to me leaving I think they got a little frustrated with me because they ended up writing off the last, year ten thousand dollars. It’s like closing. I was getting that money in. So, I totally get where you are coming from when you say everything is about presentation.

Yep you know I want to use you guys as an example. So, you know Dr.Nilda and Rachel you’ve got that program that you’re working on that you re packaged and you have this amazing box. So, for those of you that haven’t experienced the box you should definitely go buy it and get the program. Because not only is there valuable information inside about business and innovation but, they are leading by example. The experience of the box you’ve created is amazing. There’s a chess piece inside and there’s all this sort of package experience and so I know that folks haven’t seen your guys’ program in physical form yet. We haven’t shipped it yet so, the example I like to give in that case would be with an Apple product. If you ever bought an iPhone or a Mac computer and you see that thing. It comes in that beautiful bag and that is a presentation. It’s really easy and obviously in the in the book we talk about slides and presentation. But, I also just want to bring some awareness, especially to the innovators, that everything is a presentation. It’s just not a lot of people are going around thinking that it is and so if your job is to get people into action, motivate people, and create change in your organization you’ve got to think in that context. In that frame of mind, you’ll see better results.

Amazing! So, is it fair to say that what we want from the client is that they think of presentations, that they think of themselves even as a presentation? So, from the moment that you’re trying to attract a clientele or traffic client from that very point is like you’re on. Pretty much like Disney.


So, you go get those tickets because you saw a presentation that brought you there. Once you get there they’re still presenting to you and they’re presenting to you in the door and all the way out the door. The whole thing is a presentation but it’s an experience and when that experience is a presentation, is that fair to say?

Yeah absolutely you know one of the things that I talk about in the book is this idea of choreography. If you go to a Broadway play or a musical these folks practice hours upon hours upon hours to make the experience great for us. What I like to say is if you have the opportunity whether you’re in a boardroom, you’re raising money for a charity, or heck let’s say you are speaking on the stage, you’re doing a webinar, or Facebook live. If you think about it, you only have so many opportunities in your lifetime and in a year of course, to be in front of your ideal clients or be in front of decision-makers and so you ought to give thought to this idea of what can I do to influence in a positive ethical; way beforehand. Then what do you do to deliver the message that gets people into action, the action you want them to take, and then also what are you doing to follow up. So, if you’re in sales I’m sure you’ve heard the “fortune is in the follow up” and when you think about choreography it’s like what do we do before, what do we do during the presentation, and what do we do after to really get the result that we want.

I tell you that was the one thing that you taught us that we spent time on because I had my presentation. I know that my system works. I mean it was pretty well choreographed. Now how do I get that into the hands of people that probably can’t afford to do a one-on-one with me? They may not be able to do that and all that you taught me was breaking it down to the smallest denominator which is presentation. Presentation from beginning to end and so that’s really fascinating for me I really love that. So, tell me a little bit about the book, what is the book about and where you know what are the chapters that you say are the most read?

Well in the book I would start off with irresistible offer architecture that’s one of the title chapters in the book. It’s this notion that whatever you’re trying to accomplish when you give a presentation it’s that there always should be some call to action. Now I get if you’re in a boardroom you’re not asking for money but you’re asking for buy-in, if you’re in a charitable situation or an association you can’t sell and be forward in some. So I get that, especially for a lot of you innovators watching the program but the idea is what do you want your presentation to actually come to? What is the action you want that audience to take? So, when you think about that what is the offer that you need to make to get them to say yes? The challenge is most people go through saying oh I hope I look good and what am I going to do in the title slide and what’s the content I’m going to teach and those are all fine things. But, when you start with the end in mind, with the offer, what you want them to do, (for those you that are selling it could be lead generate or set an appointment to sit down and talk to a coach, it could be to sell the product or service) and so, you want to think about okay is everything I’m doing in this presentation leading up to that irresistible offer? I would say if there’s only one thing that you could do, giving a presentation is just focusing on that offer that you’re going to make in the boardroom or in front of people and figuring out what is that irresistible offer that’s going to get buy-in that’s going to get them excited.

Okay, I love that so it’s fair to say that what they’re buying it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that they have to purchase with a credit card. They can be buying an idea or they can be buying your concept. You can be doing this presentation for anyone in the world and the bottom line is what you want them to buy is whatever that idea or whatever that that product or service is. So, you have to see yourself as a seller.

That’s right and I know that’s icky for some people whenever you say the seller they think of the worst used-car salesman on TV or one they’ve experienced in life and people hitting people over the head with hammers and taking their wallet. So, the answer is yes you have to be an empowered communicator. You have to be somebody that gets people excited about the idea and about the product or service. It’s helping them understand what the value is. At the end of the day it’s the conversation about value and really confidence and so you got to be confident that there’s value to be had in the situation, in the conversation and you got to deliver and transfer that confidence to your audience. So, yeah you are a seller of ideas and in some situations a seller of programs, products, services, widgets whatever it is that you offer. So, the answer is yeah absolutely.

Well, you were talking about sales men and everybody kind of cringes but again this can be even for your job. I mean this book can actually be used for your job because you said everything is a presentation. This could be for resumes I mean life is a presentation so this can be used in many ways then. I mean obviously we’re talking to business owners and entrepreneurs but this book could actually help everyone because this helps you in every way. Like I said, presenting to collections and getting people to actually pay me what they owe men. I had to use a certain irresistible offer that they could not refuse that they will continue to purchase from me and pay back what they owe.

Yes, absolutely one of the things I should communicate here is when I first got started, I got started in the company where we did foreclosure presentations. We came up with this idea of putting foreclosure information online. It wasn’t that attractive of a product and so what we started to do was we started to invite people to come to restaurants and we started giving presentations doing it completely wrong. So, we started selling the features and you can export it by clicking this button and that’s not really what they wanted. What ended up happening is we started refining this presentation. We started getting people excited about the product that we had and so after refining that presentation we would grow that company, it’s called Foreclosures Daily, to number 35 on the Inc 500. We did fourteen million dollars in sales. Now, that was me working at a company, working for somebody, and I said you know what this idea of presentations and having this info product thing this sounds interesting. So, I left and I found a partner and they were a business credit expert and so again I put together a presentation and what I would do is I would go around the country and I would do webinars. I would share my message, this presentation, and I would get people excited about how do you get lines of credit for your business. We did a million dollars in sales in that particular business. I said wow this is powerful and so one day my partner Dave, now in the business, comes to me and says hey I need to reinvent we need to come up with something. I said okay and started asking him some questions and he says you know a lot of people are asking about how do we do this speaking thing. I said hmm a lot of people ask me about marketing so this is the perfect combination and so we decided to launch a new company by doing a presentation. We did a seminar and we invited about 90, we invited a lot more, but we got 90 folks in a room and we presented and made an offer. Thus, what I’m doing now and what you may see behind me here is Speaking Empire. We work and train with people all around the world that do a presentation. You’d be amazed at what kind of presentations people are doing and really obscure niches like acupressure, not even acupuncture. Chiropractors are doing lunch-and-learns and Dr.Nilda is out speaking and delivering powerful presentations and so on. For those of you that don’t want to get up in a room or do a facebook live, you can automate these presentations and never have to show up. I just want to share the power of what a presentation can do for folks.

So, what would be the second chapter?

I got to say it wasn’t written by me but it was written by Dave so reluctantly I say it. But, the second chapters you got to understand the power of the persuasive presentation. There’s a structure, there’s a formula and so, in this chapter, Dave talks about the five core components of any great presentation that get people into action. Not just the motivational but how do you get buy-in from the audience and from the people that are there. How do you get buy-in? In Dave’s chapter, he really talks about the architecture of persuasion and the architecture of influence so that you can get people excited and want to take action. That would be the second chapter.

That was wonderful because you’ve got not even a chapter that you wrote but it’s definitely a chapter that you see as critical to navigate for people to read. How about the third chapter?

Well, I’d have to give it to main co-author Dan Kennedy. What’s interesting about what he writes about is he did some great work in the infomercial space. If you’ve ever seen Proactive on TV, he’s helped them, consulted writing the script, and getting people to buy the stuff. If you think about it that’s a presentation; an infomercial, a video online, or in this case on TV. He talks about the transference. What are the tweaks that you do when it’s TV or what are the tweaks that you do when you’re trying to sell like a mass-market product and so I think that hits home for a lot of folks out there. They can at least learn a lot from folks that are selling millions and actually Proactive was sold for a billion dollars onto a big company that escapes me right now. All around this idea of this presentation that they keep tweaking and refining and just mass blasting on TV to get massive amounts of sales. I think that’s a very powerful example right out of the book that’s applicable to everyone.

I want you to give a little bit of background on yourself and what you’ve done because you’ve been doing presentations but other than that you’ve also been doing branding. I know branding is something that’s the part in our business that you’ve been super helpful with and you’ve been working actually hand in hand with Rachel. So, tell me a little bit about that background.

Absolutely well, I think I should first start off with the speaking story. So, it’s funny I ought not to be here in front of you today because I was deathly afraid to get up and speak. My story is I was at school and in order to graduate there was one class standing in front of me and it was public speaking. I took the class and I remember walking into the auditorium and it was a stage like this but stadium seating. I get in that room and I’m like freaking out of my mind and so eventually the professor comes out and says hey listen you’re going to have to give ten presentations. There are going to be in front of these 300 people and you’re going to do the others in smaller breakout groups. So, I’m looking around thinking well wait a minute did anyone else just hear that? So, I left I retreated because I was like I could do this later and so it comes to that point where I need to graduate, make the parents happy, and move on with my life. I go to take this class so I’m thinking though I can find a smaller breakout thing or maybe I could do the virtual that’s when virtual stuff is starting to go. You could do the online class, maybe there’s an online public speaking class and so I sign up for that class again and I find myself in the same part of campus and I find myself in that same room with the stadium and the seats. It’s the same pitch ten presentations and I’d like to tell you in that moment I conquered my fear and I went out made it happen but I didn’t. I left and I became so motivated to actually get out of this class that I found a loophole in the student handbook. Basically, I got a teacher to write me a letter from high school I could get out of it. That’s exactly what I did, I got out of it. Now I run a company called Speaking Empire. Nilda to your point about branding, I wanted to share that because I know a lot of people don’t want to get up in front of a room. I get it and so you don’t have to you can create presentations and record them behind the camera where they never see your face and no one is there live. You don’t ever have to do it so don’t make that mistake. But back to the branding question, I learned early on that once I conquered this fear of getting in front of others, and I still feel that energy that pulsates through my body before I go live, I decided to start presenting. I saw that people started looking at me different, they started to see me as the expert, as an authority and that’s up to my own personal branding. I became really fascinated with branding, with marketing, and this idea of PR and so I fused them all together and have created what I call brand response marketing technology. Nowadays you’re seeing it online you see these crazy beautiful web pages like an Apple web page but there is elements of copy and there is elements of direct response. When you fuse in PR it can dramatically change your position in your marketplace.

Right that same copy is what you put in your presentations is that correct?

Absolutely the mindset of the copy is the same meaning you want to get people to take in action. So, whether it’s online and it’s click a button to buy something or opt into your website or even join your Facebook community whatever it is you know that copy is still the same thing. Whether it’s in print on a web page or it’s delivered over a webinar or over Facebook live it’s the words that matter.

So, how can this help someone like myself because I’m more of the back end and Dr.Nilda is kind of pushing me out there. It’s not that I’m afraid of what I know because I know what I know I mean no one could take that away from me but yeah like you like you said it’s that ultimate momentary fear that you get. Sometimes that really holds you back so, how do you feel this book can help people to really get you out there and to start speaking?

I think the fear comes from a lot of different things but the big driver of that fear is not practicing or rehearsed. Part of the practice and rehearsing of it is understanding what makes a good presentation. What’s the structure? So, number one is education. You got to understand what makes a good presentation then you start to put together your presentation and you deliver it. Whether you deliver it in front of people or you deliver it in your room you start to work through it and refine it just like someone writing a letter. You write the first draft, write a second draft, a third draft and so you do that through your speaking. So, number one is I would say understanding the architecture of persuasion. Number two would be practice and then number three is kind of metaphysical if you want to call it that. Something I can’t necessarily pin back to science yet but it’s this idea of like Dave says when you’re nervous get into service. Often times people feel like oh my fly will be down or I’m going to look that or I’m going to completely forget everything and so there’s this pressure and so that pressure comes from you wanting to look good and be your best. When you’re nervous as Dave says get into service. The other thing I want to say that’s sort of metaphysical is how you frame it. I saw a Rolling Stones interview and they asked two famous musicians this question, “Do you still get jitters when you go up or are you afraid to get up in front of others?” One of them was Keith Richards aka Bruce Springsteen and he says, “You mean that thing that happens when I get up on stage and that energy that courses through my veins right before I’m about to rip a ballad?” He said something like that and so his frame was I don’t get afraid he said as the energy that goes through my body right? So, it’s this frame of what you’re experiencing. The other singer was someone famous and so she had a completely different experience and she talked about throwing up before having to go perform and how people had to pull her out of the dressing room. She was an amazing singer and so it was all in the head the framing of what you’re experiencing. I think with those two to three things coupled together it will take you far. At the end of the day you got a practice and you got to do it and refine your message but those three things can take you very far.

Thank you for that information.

I have a question because there is a rather outrageous claim that you make that one presentation can actually make you rich?


First of all, define rich.

Well I’ve got I’ve got a couple examples around and the answer is you decide for yourself. Whether or not you’re political you can look at our current president and say that he understands how to deliver a presentation. You might not like his style or delivery or even the message but you have to admit that he understands this concept very much. Obviously, he has a strong sales background even reality TV so he gets that everything’s a presentation. So, number one think about that. Number two is, I mentioned Proactive and they’re a billion-dollar company based on infomercials of selling this. Do they sell elsewhere offline and in print? Yes, absolutely but, the core driver of their business being the infomercial. So, to kind of take it down a couple levels there is a client of ours here in Sarasota, Florida that is a chiropractor. He’s got a seven-figure practice that he goes and he does this lunch and learns and he invites people in the newspaper to come sit down. He tells them about Nero therapy and pain and how he can alleviate it all. He sets up appointments he doesn’t try to sell the service there and the fixing there. They come to his office and that’s where the sale or the acquisition takes place. So, the answer is yes, the challenge is most people give up in two areas. The two areas are the presentation itself meaning they don’t give it enough times to really refine it and get it dialed in. Then the other area where it can stop them is they stop getting the audience. It’s really easy as a speaker to get bored of your own story or your own presentation because you’re the one delivering it time and time again. So, changing the presentation there is a challenge but if you’re not getting enough people all the way through that also is a challenge. The real classic example I love to share is a musician. They become famous for a song and everyone wants them to play that song and they’ve got to perform it like it’s the first time that they’ve ever delivered it to create that experience for us. So that’s what I see the biggest challenges are and those are the areas that you got to stay on top of.

I love it. So, give me an example of some people that you’ve worked with that have really been successful as a result of the presentation and your methodology.

Yeah absolutely. I mean we talked a little bit about infomercials and so earlier in infomercials we mentioned Proactive and so one of the clients we work with is Kevin Harrington. If you have ever seen that show Shark Tank. He now has a successful career as a presenter keynote guy going out there and so we did a project with him where he was kind of doing an off-shark tank shark tank. He would do a seminar/a boot camp and people could pitch him ideas in that boot camp. Now he’s going around kind of in the second or third phase of his career. One starting in infomercials being sort of the Godfather of infomercials and understanding presentations. Now he actually delivers them as a keynote speaker and a guy that puts on boot camps and seminars in education. He’s a famous one that people know in the internet marketing world. If you follow, marketing, Russell Brunson we helped him write some presentations and so now he has a massive online company. If you look at a lot of the marketing he’s doing he’s taking everything that we taught him in the old school selling from stage and now he does face book lives, he does snapchat, and he’s leveraging all the new technology that’s out there essentially to deliver a presentation to get people excited about this program.

Amplified, let’s talk a little bit about Amplified. You do these twice a year and I know you have one in June and another one is early winter or late fall October.

Yep that’s right in October.

Tell us what is amplified? Who should be there and what do you offer?

That’s a good question. It’s one thing to get a book and read ideas and you should definitely get the book and be a student of the game but, it’s another thing to come in person, meet, witness and see it live. We invite folks like Dr. Nilda and Rachel, who are coming. We invite folks that are promoters, that are speakers, that are authors, that are coaches here, we’re inviting media as well, so podcasters, people that write for Inc. and entrepreneur are going to be here, and people looking for stages. Amplify is really about finding the message inside because it’s our belief everyone has a message but, most people don’t know how to monetize that message. We talked about monetization and then finally the third benefit would be amplified. Once you have something that does convert, that gets people into actions how do you amplify it? How do you share it with others in social media, online, offline? Amplify is really a gathering of high level leaders that are committed to sharing their message in many media. We just share our best practices here at Speaking Empire and you’re getting a little preview. It’s actually going to be held here at our international headquarters which is in Largo, Florida which is Tampa. So, this is going to be our room here for the first time ever so I’m excited that you asked me about that because it is such a powerful event. Especially if you’re the type of person that likes to come rub shoulders, meet, and learn it through experience.

I tell you I really recommend that people go because just being around you guys is a learning experience. I feel that we’re constantly learning and we’re constantly growing not just the lingo but real tangible things. So, I highly recommend Amplified and if anybody who needs to be there, everybody who wants to be there and want to up their game I think it’s an excellent experience. Beyond just the awesome people that you’re going to have presenting there’s also just what you learn. You walk away with so much so I’ve been looking forward to that. If they wanted to get a hold of your book where would they go?

Oh, good question nobspresentations.com it’s nice and easy there because I put Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. so, wherever you shop there’s a logo on there. The one thing I would ask you to check out is the book is the book, right? I can’t put videos in books and so what I’ve done is I’ve put some bonuses so when you get the book make sure to go and visit the links inside so you can see a demonstration of a good presentation. You can get some templates, tools, and resources to implement a whole lot quicker. The final thing I’ll say is when you go to nobspresentations.com you’ll see a page for multiple book purchases. The reason why you would want to do that is I’ve got other bonuses. So, you buy five and you get tools and resources. If you’d like to come to Amplify Experience my recommendation is you go there and you buy the X number of books I can’t remember if it’s twenty-five or fifty but, you buy those books and you actually get a ticket to Amplify. Plus, you’ve got twenty-five books to give out to clients, to give out to people, prospects in your community, in your world and so make sure to look out for the multiple book offer there at nobspresentations.com.

Just to interject here that is just a fraction of what the actual classes are like. My book is in the mail so I’m like super excited. I encourage people to definitely go to Amplify and possibly even take the presentation classes. These are awesome classes.

Okay so Dustin any last words? We want your words of wisdom.

Words of wisdom? Well that’s a tall order. Well whatever your goal is, obviously self-serving if it’s to write a presentation that can be a goal but, let’s say it’s to find the love of your life or maybe drop some weight you know maybe that’s a goal, right? Whatever your goal is well here’s what I want you to do just take one small action today. Let me define small action. Small action is join Dr. Nilda and Rachel on their next Facebook live or their next thing right to do some research. It could be to go on Google and pull up some of articles and read. It could be to go to a live event so, just one small action today. And here’s why when you do that over the course of a year that’s 365 actions that you’ll have taken. Oftentimes you’ll find out it doesn’t take you a whole year to get to where you want to go it takes you a lot quicker. Because this idea of momentum but, if you were like me in college and you waited until the last minute to write the paper and turn it in you’re going to get a lot worse results and a lot more stress in your life. So, just chunk it out one small action today.

I love that that’s an excellent idea. I love it because you know what this is what we do we put all of the tools to make sure that we get our goals. We have goals for the week, goals for the month and we keep breaking them down and then we have them for the day. What we’ve learned that even if you don’t get it all done in one day you’re going to be a lot further than if you had no plan. A plan will always get you further. Action plan is ideal I love that. So, thank you so much for being with us thank you so much for taking your time I know how busy you are I know all the things that you’re doing because we try to get a hold of you every day. So, I really appreciate your being here thank you. I thank you so much for your words of wisdom, for your information I recommend that everyone buys the book. If you do nothing else that will be your action for the day get your book but if you can get the book and go to Amplify then get the book and go to Amplify. Get your book, go to Amplify, and take the class. Thank you so much Dustin for what you’ve done. Thank You Rachel for being my co-host.

Thank you, Dustin.

Absolutely thanks for having me I had a blast.

Interview With Dustin Mathews Co-Founder of Speaking Empire
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