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Dr. Karen Hypolite is the CEO/Founder of Dr. Karen the innovator, educator, and motivator. She is a TED Speaker, Science Education Researcher, and Innovator.

As a college professor and motivational speaker, she teaches and encourages students and professionals alike how to maximize their potential in S.T.E.M. and in life.

She has honed her skills to invent the Schalero® – Scarf, Shawl, Bolero All-In-One. This innovative product was selected, featured, and sold on QVC®. She encourages other entrepreneurs to follow her path.

Dr. Hypolite conducts S.T.E.M. training and professional development for teachers and school administrators. Her work has been presented at state and national conferences. She is a community volunteer and the Board Chair of the Atlanta S.T.E.M. Foundation.

Interview with Dr. Karen Hypolite
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