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Dr. Gayle Carson is the author of Spunky Old Broad® (SOB) book and Philosophy. She is known for her innate ability to build a company from zero to 7offices. She is a global speaker, coach, consultant, and she has written over two dozen books, CD’s and DVD programs.

She is feisty, intelligent, and fun. Her SOB philosophy was birth from her desire to possess a distinct way to describe this burning desire that keeps her going. Her spunk comes from her tenacity, perseverance, and confrontation towards life. At 79 years old she has survived three bouts of breast cancer and over 16 surgeries and has experienced the death of her husband and her oldest son, yet still, she continues to press through.

Her positive mindset transfers to the array of mastermind groups and individual coaching and mentoring that she does with her clients. She is a true believer that at 50 you’re at the halfway point of your life and it is time to reinvent yourself in all areas.

She is an expert adviser to CEO’s and entrepreneurial managers around the world. She is well respected and called by major media to comment on business, communication, boomer statistics and issues with customer service. She has coined herself as the boomer specialist. She is a multi-book author, speaker and owns several radio stations. Dr. Gayle Carson does not tire of reinventing herself and helping others do the same.

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Hello, this is Dr. Nilda Perez & the Business Foresight Show and today with me I have Dr. Gayle Carson. Dr. Carson has a book and her book is called How to Be An SOB. She’s an author of six books on business. She also has a program and a book called Living Life with Gusto. She’s a media instructor and she’s been in the media for years. She teaches people how to be innovative so you know that was very appealing to me. She has 12 radio shows four of the shows are on women in business, four of the other shows are on living life regret free, and the last four on women over fifty. Thank you so much for being here.

It’s great to be here.

How are you? I’m so excited to have you here with me. We connected in Clearwater and I am so happy I just had to interview you. So, I have some questions for you because of course I’m innovative and all about innovation. At 79 you still have so much spunk, so much energy, and you do so much. How do you do it?

Well first of all, you have to love what you do and I do love what I do. So, that’s number one loving what you do. Number two I take really good care of myself so, I work out every day and I’m very conscious of how I do things. I think the combination of exercise, loving what you do, and being involved in the things that give you excitement those are things that are important.

You do a lot for women over 50 and most at 62 are thinking retirement. They’re thinking of going to a retirement home most never think to start a new business or some start new things but, here you are still going and reinventing. You’re continuously reinventing how do you do that and why?

First of all, I think you have to love what you do. I never ever considered retiring. I think I’m now in my fifth or sixth reinvention from when I started so, I would say that basically, you have to love what you’re doing.

You’re in media so why do you think media is important?

Media is important because you want to get your message out there. In order to get your message out there you have to get on radio and television. You have to get your book out there and you have to get your message out there. You have to do PR so, media is all of that. If you want people to know who you are, to come to you, and want people to get your message, it’s media.

If you are going to coach somebody to get onto TV or radio who are the people that you will steer away and say no we’re not ready this is not for you? Is there a specific person type of person?

I think everybody can be trained to do media however, you have to learn to get your message out in three minutes or less. That’s very important and you have to be able to do it in an exciting manner. If you can’t get your message out in an exciting manner don’t go on TV.

What do you think of somebody needs? What should they have in order to be able to be on media? Do you need a book? What should we have?

Well, you can use a book, it could be that you’re doing a seminar, it could be you’re doing the workshop, it could be that you’re even promoting a charity or a message or a cost. The important thing is you have to get that message out in three minutes or less. The other thing that’s very important to know is can a seventh or eighth grader understand? If they can understand it then you’re solid. People talk in jargon. They talk above what the public might know or understand. They know it for them because they’re a part of it but does a seventh or eighth grader understand?

I’ve had to work on that for a while now because I know what I’m talking about so now the problem is does average person understand. I want to help the average person I’m not trying to help scholars. So, as a foresight strategist how do I break that message down that it is comprehensive. So. that’s been my struggle and you’re right it’s important because you want the person who you’re sending the message to get that message.


What is the big thing that stops people from being on the media?

The one thing that stops them is fear. They’re afraid of the camera, they’re afraid of speaking, they’re afraid that people will judge them, they’re afraid that people won’t get their message and the important thing is that they believe in something they’re going to say it in a way that other people will believe in it to. Don’t worry about is everything perfect just do it. There’s so many ways now for you to see yourself on camera and practice.

When working with somebody you’re teaching them about media and teaching them how to get on TV. Do you have an actual program or steps that you bring them through?

Absolutely. I have a whole training program on the media. We show you how to work with props, we show you what to wear, we do your whole image, and really, we do everything. The most important thing is telling you how to get the interviews on TV because you could be all ready it doesn’t be anybody’s going to call you. I’m on TV all the time and I’m called back all the time. It still takes me 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 times to get a hold of that person who is going to be doing the interview. Not only that but, personalities keep changing, program directors change, anchors change, interviewers change, all of that changes. So, it’s a lot of work.

Is this work that you teach them how to do or is it something that you do for them?

No, I do show them how to do it but with radio shows, I invite them to be on the show. I interview them and that’s a lot of easier for them because I’m really coming to them or they can make themselves known to me. Then if it’s a subject that is perfect for my show then I will interview them. I give them 30 minutes instead of 3.

Trying to get that whole message in three minutes that’s a course in and of itself because most of us are very wordy. The average person especially when you’re passionate about something you want to give every detail.

You’re telling your story and you don’t have to tell your story. You have three minutes to get the message out and what is it you want the audience to know.

Fantastic. Can you give me one small example of what that would look like?  

One of the segments I do is The Three Worst Mistake to Make If You’re Starting a Second Career. I talk about what those three mistakes are and props. For example, the cellphone, they don’t want new technology. I use a timer if they don’t want to learn new techniques or skills then I use a bunch of different things to show them but I give them three things. That’s all they can remember.

That’s an excellent point. You also have a radio show called Living Regret Free. That’s interesting because I think especially after 50 we do a lot of could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. We think I should have done this, I could have done that, it’s too late especially after 50. That’s like the bar where we decide whatever had to be done would’ve been done.

It’s interesting, I am going to use examples of people known, Kernel Sanders, Grandma Moses started painting very late in life. I mean there are so many people look at Dr. Ruth so many people that started late and became very knowledgeable. Think of Joan Rivers she passed away at 81. I had a chance to meet her and she always wanted my jackets but, she had so much more to do. I mean she was always inventing and think about it she won the Celebrity Apprentice. All these younger people but she won it. So, it’s never too late.

I love it. So, that’s how you live your life with no regret you just keep doing. Dr. Carson a lot of people live with regret and to be the regret free there’s a lot of tragedy that comes in our life. How do we get over that?

I’m not going to say that it’s easy I’ve had a lot of tragedy in my life. I lost the husband, I lost a son, I’m a three-time breast cancer survivor, I’ve had 16 surgeries but, you can’t live in the past. That’s the whole point you have to live in the now you have to say this is where I am this is what’s happening. I gave a speech somewhere and a woman was talking to me about this horrible influence her mother had on her life. I mean she really was still feeling this. I said to her how long has your mother been gone thinking she was going to tell me a year two years. She had been gone for 30 years and she was still living her mother’s comment. The woman will never be able to live regret free because she’s not dealing with it in a very present manner.  

That’s difficult to still live in that past and have that. It’s like a ball and chain.

It is a ball and chain you said it very well and that’s what I try to help people to deal with all of that and to be able to take advantage of that. That’s why I’m very grateful for my parents because when I was brought up. I had to deal with everything right then and there. If something happens I had to address the issue right then and there and even though it was tough at the time it had served me well in my life.

Four of your stations are about women over 50. Are there that man topics to cover about women over 50 and what do you cover?

For my radio network, which is, I have posts that cover fitness, fashion, healing medicine, holistic medicine, humorous, I have someone to talk about the brain I mean they’re across the board. Women are very interesting in all those things.

So, women over 50 what would be your advice to them?

Go for it. I mean people look at it like oh my gosh I can’t believe I am half way through my life. This is the best time of your life your kids are gone, maybe your spouse is gone. I mean I’m having the time of my life. I wish my husband was still here but that hasn’t stopped me and that’s because I had a life even while I was married. He never stopped me from doing anything but I must say that there are a lot of women that like that ding goes off “oh I am 50 I have to stop.” No.

 What do they say that 50 is the new 30?

It is. You know when I had my modelling school and I had my modeling agency the matron model started at 35 and the average size was a size 12. Then by the time I sold it 20 some years later the average age for a matron model was 45 to 50 and the average size 6 to 8. I was president of the Modelling Association of America and I took my models to New York every year at the Waldorf so they could compete. I had models chosen five foot nine a hundred fifty pounds they still wanted them to lose weight. Five foot ten 120 pounds and they still wanted her to lose weight. Thank goodness now it’s a healthier environment with the plus models.

I want to thank you this has been an awesome interview. I’m very honored to have you be interviewed by me this is huge because you have been in much larger stages and much larger programming than this.

Can I give my website?


So, if they want to get a hold of you they go to


Is there a phone number?  

There is a phone number there and they can contact me there or at email Thank you Dr. Nilda

Okay thank you.

Interview with Dr. Gayle Carson
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