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BIO- Dr. AnnMarie Fontanez – CEO of Genesis Devine Health Inc. a company that concentrates on health and wellness with that focuses disease control primarily such as cancer and Alzheimer. She helps people navigate and take control of their own lives by offering various solutions towards their health and wellness with holistic and alternative medicine.

Dr. AnnMarie is trained by an oncologist from the Rosalita University, and earned a degree in Holistic Health and is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has dedicated her life to assisting those who want alternative ways to find recovery with natural medical resources.

She has combined the spiritual component to holistic healing as she also has her a DOCTORATE OF MINISTRY – CEO of ANNMARIE FONTANEZ GLOBAL MINISTRIES. She also earned Ph.D. of theology. This has qualified her to incorporate the spiritual ingredient of healing to holistic health.

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That was my dad. He told the doctor I know what you’re saying and I believe that I do have this cancer but I don’t believe that I’m going to die. And I don’t believe that I’m going to live with cancer. And he said you’re going to die before me. That was his decision. So, he believed. He said I’m not ignorant I know what you’re saying. I know what the diagnosis says. I know that I do have cancer but I also know that I’m not going to die of cancer nor am I going to live with cancer. I’m going to be a survivor. Decision. Belief. He brought it together. So, I get that. I get that. So, it’s more than just a) we need to live a healthy life. But then we need to always add that spiritual component because it’s in the relationship that we’re able to take it to the next level. Would that be accurate?

And the relationship has to be with the relationship that we have with God. If we don’t have a relationship with God, then we don’t know where the instruction is so that we find betterment in the natural things because God is natural. He’s organic everything he speaks is organic when he speaks it’s organic. If we don’t have a communication and knowing the awareness of the Spirit of God within us then how are we supposed to know when the Lord is instructing us to select something that is natural, organic. and good for us? We won’t because were ignorant. The reason we are so sick is because we are ignorant. We accept everything we hear and see. We buy everything that’s on television and commercialized because you have no idea. You know I have a patient with terrible diabetes. She was giving me all of her diet and I was looking at everything that she was eating and her diet. She was killing herself. So, I said to her you need to take all this stuff off. Stop eating this stuff and eat this. And I said do yourself a favor, do you want to get rid of diabetes? Do something really simple. Stop eating wheat. You stop eating wheat and you get rid of diabetes. She said but I don’t eat a lot of wheat. I said you have pretzels, which are made with wheat. It’s all wheat. Stop eating your pretzels. Stop eating all the stuff that you’re eating. And I grant you in six months you will not have diabetes. You will not be on this medication and sure enough it was about eight months later.

That’s basically what they said in What the Health. It explained just that. You change your eating habits. And a woman that was dying to die had a walker and she was a fairly young woman. She was in her 50s and she was destined to die from diabetes. And she completely changed. She was able to run she was running.

And there are people that take it for real. You know there are some people that tap into it and they go through the little supplement thing. And they still keep doing what they’re doing. But there are some people like myself. I’m not a grey person. I’m going to do something or I don’t. I either believe God for that or I don’t. Either I like you or I don’t. I’m not grey. I don’t know how to function in grey. My husband tells me you are always on a diet. I said I am not always on a diet I’m always watching what I eat. There’s a difference. I’m not always on a diet I am always watching what I eat. So anytime that we understand how dangerous it is for us to eat whatever we want to eat we’re going to suffer the consequences. The Bible tells us that this is the temple of the Lord. So, it’s almost as an insult to God that we dare take the body abuse it, feed it whatever we want out of selfish desires. Simply because you desire that. Forgetting the fact that creation is in you that God is in you. How can you abuse something that was created so divinely because you have a fetish or because you have a desire? In God, there is no desires unless they’re his desires. So, how do we take this body and mutilate the body, infect the body, put toxic in the body, and then want to be healed? You can’t be healed unless you have a process to get to the level where God created you. You’ve got to go back to the beginning of how God created you. Those sores that you have on your skin I’m telling you the same thing that happened back in the biblical times is going to happen to you today because that’s the foundation of it. That is the true foundation of it.

I never understood that. I’ve read that in the Bible, several times because I mean after all I’ve been in church all my life, and never understood that. That’s amazing.

We haven’t discovered anything. It’s just come to a place in our life that it has surfaced to a place now that we can see and we can understand it. You know vegetation back in the day you talk about organic back in those days but when the Lord just finished everything and just destroyed the earth. And the Bible says that the world was covered with the waters meaning that the earth submerged into the waters. So then what was it that God said when he was ready? He said let the greenery come up towards the earth. It wasn’t that God created all of this all over again. No. He lifted it up from the waters and vegetation began again. Life began again. He didn’t create all this again. It just surfaced back up the waters.

Do you think that people can be resistant by incorporating this biblical principle or the biblical beliefs into their daily lives and health?

The majority of the people are resistant because they are uneducated. They don’t accept the fact that there’s another resource that there is something else. A lot of the people that have come to me they have already gone on to do chemo, radiation, and all this stuff. Their lives are all depleted so, by the time they get me some of them are like this and they don’t have to be because before you had the treatment you weren’t like that. So, now they come this way. I heard you can help me and I’m going to do everything possible to help these people. What is a question that I get constantly? Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this? Why doesn’t he tell me that it exists? Why did he give me this when he could have given me this? They’re just not educated and there is no doctor that’s going to educate them unless the person is in the field. So basically, that’s really the reason they don’t know enough. And then when they do go again I’ve had a lady when she came to me she had a bag of stuff that she was taking. She was taking all this stuff of supplements. I went one by one and said you don’t need that. You can put this one over here but you don’t need that because she didn’t need all that. So, she’s going to the store oh I have this situation I’m going to buy some of these. Or they read something on the paper or they see something on TV so, they feel this is good for me. I’m going to get that and they get so much medication that is doing more damage and more harm to them physically than there is any kind of help because they don’t know. They don’t understand. They don’t know. The best approach learns this world. Learn holistic medicine. Learn the world. It is a fascinating world.

And I know that combining medications can clash with one another can also cause yet another side effect. The same thing can happen with these supplements that you’re talking about?

Absolutely. If you mix a certain mineral with a certain herb that are not what they call supplement combined you’re going to be as toxic. I’ll give you an example vitamin A. People are taking vitamin A for their hair, women. They take vitamin A for their hair. Now that vitamin A two three four five years down the road and now they’re going bald. Vitamin A is supposed to be a nutrient to neutralize the cells of the brain. So, then the hair particles begin to expand and hair begins to grow and it begins to clean the pores in the scalp. And this is what vitamin A can do. But people take it for three four years and the hair is breaking and what is going on? Well, learn if you take too much vitamin A your body becomes toxic from the vitamin A. Instead of growing your hair it’s going to fall.

So, it’s like an overdose?

It’s an overdoes because most of your scalp is toxic.

How do people know? If somebody tells me do this I do it. So, what is your suggestion for people that are thinking that they are doing the right thing? What should they be doing? Should they be calling somebody like you? How do you get your information to these people because you have awesome information? How does this information get to the average person such as myself and Rachel?

Again, you have to be connected. I get a lot of calls. I get a lot of messages. Even on Facebook we’re they saw a product on my website https://www.genesis-health.org. They see the product they want the product but I’m already taking this so can I take that? And that’s a that’s a person who is really protective over their body. That’s great. And I love to talk to those. I rather talk to those than the ones that send me an order for all of our products because to me I know you’re not going to give these products away. You’re going to take these products. And all these products that I have don’t go to one another.

So, you prefer the person that wants information gets the products that they need rather than those that just fill out the whole order form and say ok I’ll take it all.

I do the gospel of health. I go to different churches and different ministries and I do the gospel of health. The gospel of heath basically is a teaching and training workshop seminar conference. This is what we do. We train you how to. We have our products for heart health. Heart Health has a product called EDTA. EDTA is a toxic. If a person has clogged arteries before you go out and get your heart opened up because your arteries are clogged for crying out loud research. EDTA cleanses every valve in every heart like that. My former pastor we talked about that. He had had surgery. And one valve wasn’t clean and they couldn’t help him. So, we put him on EDTA.  We put him on two of our products. Three months later there was no more clog in that artery. And he was operated and they couldn’t cleanse that third or fourth one. So, before just find a practitioner, find someone you can email, or find someone you can talk to. Find somebody. You can email me. You can go to my website. Just a question before. Be smart about what you put into your body. People that are taking so many different things get rid of everything and stop taking everything for two months. Stop it and start all over again. Find out what you really need. Have someone assess you. What are your issues.

Do you assess like blood work?

Yes. Any time that I have any kind of patient, if it’s a cancer patient, I want pathology reports. I want lab reports. Every kind of lab possible. Any tests that they’ve had. Based on what I see there will determine to me OK this is what this person needs. And this is what this person doesn’t need. I may have the resource myself or I may have to send them to a colleague. It’s all depending on what the person is in need of. I have it or I may have one of my colleagues that have it. Like I don’t have a hyperbaric chamber I don’t have that but I have my patients that I send them to a colleague. So I’m still servicing them.

I know there’s a lot of things out there that is not necessarily 100 percent. I know that now health is all the rage and people are Googling everything. I personally don’t want to have a lot of anything because I always believed too much of one thing is no good. I don’t care what it is that you do. But not everyone thinks that way. What would be the best, if they cannot get to you, how can they begin the process of learning? I’m talking about understanding what’s real and what is appropriate for that person and what’s not because there’s a lot of false information also out there. And that’s what you want to kind of steer people away from because I asked you earlier can I use this for this and you were like no absolutely not use this. And I said well that’s what they said home remedy is for this came from the home remedy website. You were like no that’s not what you use. So how can people educate themselves appropriately if they can’t get to a workshop?

The best thing that I have found and I do direct them to the Gospel of Health conferences and seminars. There are so many doctors and practitioners right now. I have a lot of stuff on my side based on the product and I can talk about that product. I have topics that I talk about like cancer and B-17. I’m able to describe what that is but there are so many other practitioners that actually are more than willing for you to email them and ask them. Listen I have a heart condition, what do you suggest based on their web site? They will be more than happy. I’m not saying they always are maybe they have associates or assistants but nonetheless you’re going to get the right answers. If you write anything on my website I’m going to respond because I’m the one that is knowledgeable enough in my organization. Those that help is great but I’m going to give you the impact.

I like that. I like that approach because you’re the expert. Even though they know a lot through you you’re not the expert. And I love that. So, I’m a futurist. I always ask this question because I want to know where do you see health and wellness and deteriorating health in the future? Where do you think, this is going to be? Do you think there is going to be more of a draw towards health and wellness or do you think that medicine is going to continue to dominate?

No. I know based on doctors that I already know that are moving from atapathic to homeopathic. Or some of them that are MD’s are now becoming naturopath MD’s because they realize that the power and the sources that are available today is the navigation and the momentum for the future. This is the future. Alternative medicine is the future. And when I say to you cancer will be blown out of the water in 25 to 30 years through alternative medicine. Why, because any research that is done through alternative medicine is put to practice into the patient. Unlike other resources where it goes into salaries, furniture, and all this other stuff. But this is a world that is moving. This is a world that is moving. And because it’s moving many people today are saying you know what I want to help people. That’s where I want to go. That’s what I want to do. And it’s a momentum that it’s going to be unstoppable. So, anybody that is interested even in a career this is the career. This is the way to go. It’s alternative holistic medicine. This is a career. First of all, the jobs are being paid high. High paid jobs. A person with a four-year degree on holistic health, a practitioner you can start at 70.  It’s a movement that’s happening. It’s a movement that is happening.

Now where I want to close is you have a lot of products. I want you to tell me a little bit about them because these products are your very own products. And you are a thousand percent sure of everything that is in each of these products. I want to tell you a little bit about what you do with your products? What are the things that you look to put together when you’re making each of these products?

I keep a log of all the calls and what they are for and where is their agony. Last year the year before has been weight. So, we created these two products. I wanted this product. This is a new product but I created these products simply because I knew that there was a demand for that. I wasn’t doing it to sell a product. I’m doing it because I know that I can help you. But I know that I can help you but you have a responsibility I can’t do your responsibility. I can only provide for you aid. So, this product is and ACG product. It is a homeopathical product and all my patients if they follow the instructions according to the rule they will lose 30 pounds. I have had some 40 pounds in 45 days. I’ve had 20 pounds in 35 days. It depends on the person. But this is product by itself easy 20 pounds in 30 days if you follow exactly the diet that is provided with this product. This product is a natural organic product. All the components in this product are basically fat burners and because they’re fat burners it works with it very low. I mean low it’s 20 milligrams of carbs a day. Back to this a little bit here you have 700 to 800 calories a day. Here you can do 8 to 9 hundred calories a day but they’re both strict diets. And I have had magnificent results on both.

And do you have a maintenance program?

I do and it has steps towards it and there is there is a maintenance program. But, again it’s up to the individual. I can only provide it. This has been researched and this has been researched. I know what it does and I did this one myself. I lost thirty-two pounds me in forty-five days. But again, what am I? Either I do it or I don’t. So, for me I’m strict about me in everything. I’m very disciplined very disciplined. So, not everybody is as disciplined and that’s OK. That’s OK. We’re all in a different place and that’s OK. I have a girl who lost 40 pounds in six months. I was like yes. I was so excited for her because that’s her way. But she stuck with it and she stuck with it and she said it took me six months I don’t care. You did it. You accomplished it. If it took you a year it doesn’t matter. It’s your responsibility for yourself. We have other things in here. This is a fantastic product. This is for woman that went through menopause. Women that are going through such severe menopause that they can’t live with themselves and their husbands have to move out of their room. So, this is our hormone health it’s a fabulous product. It’s full with DHA and balances temper and balances your anxiety. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you can utilize.

But to each product you take a lot of time to know measurements and exactly what you’re going to get. So, you stand behind your products.

100 percent because they’re formulated. The manufacturer tells me we can put this into it and I’m like I don’t really want that. Can we put this or you can’t blend that with that? All right we can’t do that. So, what can we do? So, it’s a compensation kind of thing how we can accomplish and get me what I need.

It’s mathematical. Just a few weeks back I was at a STEM conference and we were talking about that. Math and science. There is a science to this. There is a math and engineering. It’s science technology. So, it’s pretty amazing.

That’s what I said before that you can’t be mixing. Even when you make the product you can’t be mixing certain things. Even when you create the product you can’t be mixing certain things. So, when you create the product now this is solid. This is going to accomplish. This is going to accomplish those sweats. Now you take this and you don’t know what it’s in it and now you’re going to marry this and we purposely did not put what was in here in here. not to do it. We know what it will do if you take one of these things from here and put it in here. It’s going to be an imbalance. Always as a practitioner can I use these two products together and the practitioners should know if you can put these products together. He or she should know. And you will know if the person can give you direct instructions or not. If they tell you I really don’t know respect that.

I love the fact that you’re an innovator. I love the fact that you actually have a plan for the future. That’s definitely the direction that I go. And what fascinates me more is the fact that you’ve taken both the spiritual and the natural (natural medicine, natural healing, natural properties) and you’ve married them. They are really a force to be reckoned with and that is fascinating to me because the spiritual to me is so important in everything that I do. And to see the way that you did this so seamlessly and so well I’m just amazed. I want to thank you. I really want to thank you for being here it was such a pleasure. I know the audience has amazing information and if anybody needs you we will give them your information at the end. I want to thank Rachel for being my co-host. Again, we’re going to keep going this conversation going. I think we should kind of revisit this maybe in six months maybe a year and maybe you’ll have new products. We’ll just revisit this because I think this is a very important topic because there are a lot of sick people both young and old. It’s not just the elderly. You know there’s a lot of sick people. And this is definitely the way of the future and definitely the way to go.  So, thank you.

Thank you so much for having me. And I thank you for allowing me to bring exposure to what I do. And to allow people to realize that there are other options for their lives. They don’t have to be so limited in thinking that I only can do this. When there’s a whole world out there that you can learn about and be trained for it. And to bring restoration to your own broken body if that be the case. So, I thank you for allowing me.

You don’t have to be sick.

You don’t. You don’t have to be sick. And that’s good. You don’t have to be sick. I have one of my slogans is cancer is an option because you either choose to stay that way or you don’t.

I love it so much. I look forward to see you soon. All right guys I’ll see you. We’ll be back next week with another episode. I look forward to see you again and to bring you another fascinating guest. Ok bye.

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Interview with Annmarie Fontanez- Part 2 “Reaching to the Past for New Methods to Heal”