“How She Created Her Tribe to 1000’s”

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Isaura Gonzalez, PsyD. is the CEO and Founder of Latina Mastermind™, an organization dedicated to empowering Latinas in creating their financial legacies through powerful networks and strong collaborations. Dr. Gonzalez created the first and only app for Latinas that will allow Latinas business owners to connect globally. She is, also, set to launch the first and only podcast on Latina Leadership on December 19th, 2016!

She is an educator, international speaker, Business coach and mentor, focusing on the growth of the Latina population. Dr. Gonzalez has been named by opencare.com as 2016 Top Psychology practice in Staten Island, NY. She is a Licensed Psychologist, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts and a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology.

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Interview With Dr. Isaura Gonzalez CEO of Latina Mastermind

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