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Lu Camarena Meshulum is the CEO, Founder, and Inventor of the LuMesh Cosmetics She has over 20 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry. She specializes in special effects makeup for TV & film. She has applied makeup for many celebrities such as Aretha Franklin and the like.

She has worked Mercedes Benz, Fashion Week, the MTV Music Awards, and the VH1 Awards. After many years of working with celebrities, she found a need in the “average woman of color.” These women she learned needed to apply makeup quickly and flawlessly without an in-house make-up artist. This made her create a makeup line that women can use in less than 15 minutes and look flawless, hence the LuMesh Cosmetic line.

What’s most fascinating is that LuMesh built this business on her without any business experience but with a passion and desire to deliver to the average woman makeup that was all natural yet flawless. She is truly an inspiration to those of us who see a need and want to provide solutions.

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Interview with Lu Camarena Meshulam CEO of LuMesh Cosmetics

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