Why Wealth Must be a Management Situation

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Aquiles Larrea Jr. is CEO of Larrea Wealth Management. He has assumed the role of personal CFO to successful Latino executives and entrepreneurs. He helps them pursue the passion- and purpose-filled lives they envision—on their own terms.

Aquiles has 20 years experience in the area of wealth management. He has helped clients transform their professional and personal lives. In 2002, he founded Larrea Wealth Management with one key mission, to help successful Latinos and their families achieve financial freedom by providing them with a comprehensive wealth management experience delivered by a highly skilled team of experts.

Aquiles has earned a Bachelor of Science from St. John’s University. He is also the author of “Your Money and You: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth Management for Latino Entrepreneurs and Executives” this is the definitive resource for Latino business owners and professionals looking to make smart decisions about their wealth. He is also host of Your Money and You Facebook Live and soon to be podcast.

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Website: http://www.larreawealth.com/

Interview Aquiles Larrea CEO of Larrea Wealth Management

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