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BIO- Dr. AnnMarie Fontanez – CEO of Genesis Devine Health Inc. a company that concentrates on health and wellness with that focuses disease control primarily such as cancer and Alzheimer. She helps people navigate and take control of their own lives by offering various solutions towards their health and wellness with holistic and alternative medicine.

Dr. AnnMarie is trained by an oncologist from the Rosalita University, and earned a degree in Holistic Health and is a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has dedicated her life to assisting those who want alternative ways to find recovery with natural medical resources.

She has combined the spiritual component to holistic healing as she also has her a DOCTORATE OF MINISTRY – CEO of ANNMARIE FONTANEZ GLOBAL MINISTRIES. She also earned Ph.D. of theology. This has qualified her to incorporate the spiritual ingredient of healing to holistic health.

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dr. Nilda Business Foresight Show. Today I have with me my guest Dr. Annmarie Fontanez and my co-host Rachel Calderon. Thank you for being with me today.


Thank you for having me again.


I want to tell you about Dr. Annmarie. Dr. Annemarie is the CEO of Genesis Divine Health Inc. It’s a company that concentrates on health and wellness. It focuses on disease control primarily things such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. She helps people navigate and take control of their own lives by offering various solutions towards their health and wellness with holistic alternative medicine. Dr. Annemarie is trained by an oncologist in the Rosalita University and she has earned a degree in holistic health. She is a holistic health practitioner. She’s dedicated her life to assisting those who want alternative ways to heal and find recovery with natural medical resources. But she also combined the spiritual component to holistic medicine. She has a doctorate in ministry and is the CEO also of Annemarie Fontanez Global Ministries. She has also earned a Ph.D. in theology so this has qualified her to incorporate the spiritual ingredient of healing with holistic health. Welcome, I am so excited to have you here.


Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here with you guys.


You know we’ve talked all about health and all about being healthier. I want you to explain holistic wellness because most of us think that if we go to the health food store, and I’m one of those people if I ate a few things that were organic I was on that healthy path. You have a different I want to say belief or a more profound belief about what health and wellness is. Please explain.


Health and wellness have to do first of all with a pure mindset. So, we have always been instructed to follow your doctor’s orders at all times. Doctors basically will give you medication based on your illness to take care of symptoms. But the holistic approach in wellness has a lot to do with discovering the natural aspects of the body because the body can only be covered through natural resources. It was already created and generated to be natural.


I like that so, is it really possible to control disease?


100% Disease is something that will happen to us through our lifetime whether you’re younger or older. The moment that you know that there is a possibility of you having any type of disease simply because of the lifestyle that you live. But the person that smokes a lot will then get prepared because cancer may come. So, if you really are aware of the things that can happen to your body then you can prepare yourself to avoid it from happening. It has to do with everything, yes, what you consume You really are what you eat.


Annmarie, can you tell me about various solutions. I know that you have helped me with some of my health issues that I’ve had with my menstrual. Also, my way of weight loss and a couple of other things that we have discussed. Please explain.


On a personal note, I am a cancer survivor. I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2003. It frightened me to discover that something like that could attack my body because I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. So, I’m wondering why in the world would this come and attack my body. So, when I was diagnosed my doctor told me and what they were going to do. One of the things was the mastectomy was in place for the recovery and of course having radiation & chemotherapy. That alone caused me to be so fearful of that because I know how I am made. I discovered that there were other ways for me to approach this cancer. To make a long story very short I decided to take the holistic approach. I began to learn about this holistic approach. I realized that there were people that were getting healed all over the world by this approach. I began to study it and studied and studied until I found a way to be able to have some of that treatment. I did exactly that. I underwent IPT which is Infusion Potentiation Therapy and that is a protocol that is utilized to destroy cancer cells that are on a surface level for cancer. I also underwent hyperthermia which is pretty much a heating lamp so to speak. That heating lamp begins to destroy breast cancer cells and breast cancer tumors from the inside out. Eventually, in my case, in my personal experience, those tumors that were there began to dissipate. There were many different types of protocol that I took it was about thirteen or fourteen every day. At the end of two weeks, I was cancer free.


That’s interesting. Can I ask you another question? I know that my dad was also a cancer survivor. I know that one of the things he did was not only take a lot of holistic medicines but he also changed his diet. Is that something that you also did during your path of this holistic?


100%, yes. The hospital itself had a whole nutritional component that you have to learn how to live if you were going to live. So, they trained you what to eat and what not to eat. Oftentimes we think that what we’ll be eating is healthy foods like you were saying. We go to places and we get this and we get that. What you’re doing is that your creating more toxic into your body because you don’t know what one product is doing against the other. It’s like if you take a vitamin C and the vitamin D and a vitamin whatever you don’t know how those vitamins are coming against of everything that you’re eating.


And now they’re so chemically based. A lot of our foods here in America you would say that that probably counteracts.


Absolutely and the fact that if something that you’re going to go eat said that it’s organic it doesn’t necessarily have to be organic. So, you’re really challenging your own perspective as to what’s good for you. So, you have to understand really what eating wholesome really is. It’s a very basic. It’s a very basic diet. When you put your plate together to eat there has to be a protein there. Your plate has to be colorful. If it’s not colorful don’t eat it.


I learned by watching a documentary. I love documentaries and I watched What the Health. What the Health explains that everything that we may think is protein is not necessarily protein.




And the thing is in the United States we really have to be very careful about what we’re eating. We really have to look very closely at what we’re eating but with us oftentimes I hate to say this but we really don’t know.


You don’t know and I’ll give you an example. People that eat meat. I’m going to show you how a holistic minded individual like myself sees this and others like myself. If you eat meat a trainer that’s going to train a lion the first thing he does is he takes away his meat because if he takes away his meat, he contained the animal. So, what does he give him? He gives him fruit and vegetables for the time frame of the training, right? Once that training is finished he goes back into the meat, why? Because the meat makes him angry. The meat makes him unstable. The meat makes him anxious. This is what meat does to us because if something is dead how in the world are you expecting it to give you life?


And that’s what meat is.


That’s what meat is. Meat is something that’s dead so how in the world do we expect it to give us any kind of life. That’s what greens, and as green as possible, that’s what’s fresh. That’s what’s healthy. That’s what’s going to give you the enzymes, the Omegas, and everything that you need in your body. But if you eat something that is dead it’s only going to cause rot to your body. It’s going to kill it.


I never thought of it that way. Fascinating. I never thought of that because meat is so much a part of the American meal. So, I never even imagined that. It makes sense so even to train an animal they take that away from them.

When God took away meat from us and then later on us we know he gave it back to us, right? That was only supposed to be temporarily because everything had been destroyed. So, he had to give them something to nourish them until vegetation’s came back. But, it was only supposed to be temporary.


And that was Noah.


That was Noah, so, now it became a habitual undertaking that now they couldn’t live without me. But it was supposed to be a temporal thing not for it to get to us at this day.


That’s interesting because I wouldn’t say that I don’t eat meat and I’ve tried to watch the meats that I’ve eaten. I noticed even my body kind of does not like red meats. Even if I try any kind of meat I try to keep it even smaller than the palm of my hand at this point in my life. That’s kind of like where I’m at so is that something you would suggest if they do that? What kind of meat would you suggest if they’re meat lovers?




No meat.


Absolutely none. A person that has arthritis for example. If you take meat, if you stop eating beef lamb pork, meat has a certain acid that is based. This acid that is based in every meat so the acid becomes a negative component to your own body. Which causes your bones to dry up and your bones to become brittle. So, if you remove meat from your diet eventually selecting a better diet will give you a regeneration of your bone structure. And at least you won’t have the pain of arthritis.


Most of us think that if we take the right vitamins which are supplements that we’re good. But you’re talking about reversal but you also talk about the reversal in terms of Alzheimer. I know my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer and as far as I know, Alzheimer’s is something that A cannot be reversed. And B that it’s hereditary. That’s what I’ve known it to be all my life.


Well, that’s because the medical associations and the medical doctors have already put it into your mind that it’s not reversible. That it is genetic and all of these things. So, that’s what you know. So, you function like a robot under those types of things that they have already instructed to you. But the truth of the matter is that Alzheimer’s is an overload of protein in your brain. And because the mitochondria in the brain become stalemated. They become frozen. They become inactive. It happens when a person that has a stroke or a person that is just progressively going into dementia. What happens is that these cells begin to deplete. But just because they’re depleting doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to reverse it. If you detox your body because you need to detox your body of your purities and toxics okay, then how about going and doing the same thing for your brain? Detox your brain so people don’t think about detoxing the brain because it doesn’t even make any sense. But, there’s so many different ways medically scientifically that I use for my patients to detox their brain. I’m right now assisting an older couple that has dementia. Both of them have dementia. One of the first things that I put them on was to go into the hyperbaric oxygen chambers because oxygen is needed for the brain to be able to function right. If you don’t have any oxygen in your brain your mind will deplete.


So, something as simple as oxygen.


The right oxygen can begin the reversal. Not only is the hyperbaric chamber for Alzheimer’s but it cures, that was one of the therapies that I undertrained, it cures cancer.


So, is it that we don’t have the right oxygen in our body, we don’t have enough oxygen?


As you get older you receive less oxygen in your system and your cells cannot seem to accumulate or keep as much. So, you have to, somewhere along the line, improvise that when disease and sickness has come into place. So, prevention from cancer for example. Take oxygen into your body because the reason you have a cancer cell that becomes active is because it doesn’t have any kind of oxygen. Everybody has cancerous cells in the body but the moment that that cell lacks the oxygen it becomes cancerous.


My dad had cancer and that was in 1973. He was a Seventh Day Adventist and Seventh Day Adventist’s are very health conscious. They are also very careful about what they eat, their intake, how much, and the times that they eat. We used to laugh at him we were little kids of course but, we used to laugh at him because at 12 o’clock he had to have lunch. So, we used to laugh we’re like dad are you hungry or is it 12? He was like no it’s 12 I have to eat it’s 12. That was the time that he had to eat and he was very conscious about eating at a certain time and eating a certain thing. They gave my dad 6 months to live and my dad lasted almost 28 years after diagnosis with no chemotherapy. He refused chemotherapy, he refused radiation, he changed his diet and honestly for many years after I never understood how he did it. Even though he told us but I didn’t understand it.


He had a knowledge that most people do not have which is you have to take control over your own life and your own body. When your doctor tells you, “you have cancer” don’t receive the report of course but, instead of saying I have cancer say I have a situation here and I need to pay attention to the situation. I got to figure out how I’m going to get out of this one. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol today total cholesterol is 200 but, guess what’s going on? The pharmaceutical companies now keep lowering the cholesterol total so that they can sell their medications. Back in the day 270 was good but now you are 160 or 150 they want to put your medication. That’s because it’s a pharmaceutical greed intake. It has nothing to do with your body. A person that is older for example. I get this question all the time like if my mom is 80 years old she can’t have a 120/80. If she has a 140 or 150/90 she’s perfect. Why are you putting her on medication? She could be 160/100 why are you putting her on medication?


Which is what they’ve done with our mom, right?


Right and the other thing is that she had a reaction to the medication. This is a woman who is 85 and she is strong as an ox. I mean granted at this point with a little few little limitations but she very rarely gets sick. She does not get any kind of anything. She’s stronger than us sometimes.


And she will continue to be that way. The moment you start putting medication into the body understand something here that medication was never created to heal any disease. This is why today they can only tap into the symptoms. They can only control the symptoms. One they don’t want to fix the problem because it’s too expensive and two they don’t have the time. You got seven minutes nine minutes in this doctor’s office. He’s got to do what he’s going to do with you. Give you the medication he’s got to give you in seven minutes. I only have time to prescribe to you what the insurance company told me that I have to subscribe for you and I have to do a hundred of these. So, you’re my number 78. I still got more to go there’s no time. The doctors have no time and I can’t say it’s all their fault. They’re pressured.


They’re pressured that’s true. But I know it from the other side because I came from health care as a therapist. I worked in a hospital in a mental health hospital and I saw how shamelessly these pharmaceuticals court the doctors.


Of course.


And all of a sudden everybody’s on the same medications. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand it. Then when I realized what they were doing to court these doctors honestly, it’s like dating. It was shameless and it was horrible. And suddenly everybody’s on the same medication but that medication also had side effects. Then they were giving them more medication. Different medications for the side effects everybody had was on the same medication. Everybody had the same side effects. There was no real control. Being in a hospital what people usually rely on the doctor and that was horrific. So, I’ve been on both sides of this. I’ve see my dad heal himself with foods, healthy eating, and the right supplementation. And I’ve been on that other side where doctors have just been giving medication. It’s basically because it pays off for them.


Well it’s a mandate for them. This is a mandate that they have to do that. And oftentimes they don’t know the holistic or the alternative side. 1 by choice, 2 they think that we’re crazy, they think that we don’t make any sense so they have no understanding and or knowledge. Or they’re not educated in this field. So, because they’re not educated in this field you can’t expect for them to give you something that they don’t know.


That’s crazy because even my son had gotten into a car accident. His car was totaled so he went in for some neck injuries and the first thing they wanted to introduce to him was oxycodone. I was like why aren’t you doing therapy? Why are you prescribing him? Oh, because he’s in pain. And I’m like let’s do some exercises. I know I had some arm issues. I was doing some weight lifting and they got healed without any kind of medication just doing the normal stretches. Why would they prescribe something that’s not needed?


And they know that it’s not needed. To go back a little bit when I was diagnosed with cancer and I said I did what I had to do. I took a different approach and I did leave the country to get that medication that I needed. When I returned, I went back to my doctor and he told me I am so glad that you did what you did because I couldn’t tell you to do that. He said but I’ll tell you this I just came back from bringing my mom to a cancer clinic outside of the country because I know that that treatment works but I couldn’t tell you. I said so you would have let me die? He said I’m sorry I could lose my license I couldn’t tell you why. That’s their position because they can’t give you. I mean most of these doctors that their mom gets cancer and their dad gets cancer or have some devastating disease if they can get them out of here they will because they know that what they’re doing is limited. It’s just limited. The reason that your son was getting the medication is because that’s all they have the time for.


I opted not to take it at all because I knew that that medication was A addictive and B that was just not going to happen.


A person needs to know every medication has an addiction one way or the other. They’ll tell you no again because medication wasn’t created for that. It wasn’t made to fix anything. Never to fix anything.


It’s just to mask the symptom.


That’s all it is. It’s the same thing with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a horrific treatment because chemotherapy causes cancer. It’s very toxic and it’s so toxic that it paralyzes a person’s abdomen. It paralyzes a person’s mind. It paralyzes a person. This is where sometimes you see these people that have taken chemotherapy and they’re all crunched up on the couch because of the agony in their stomach and their head. This thing is killing them and often times when a person dies in a hospital that has had cancer they say that they did not die from the cancer. They died from the therapy. That’s the way it is so because it’s so toxic we have to make the better choices. Whoever has got cancer or any kind of disease research it for yourself. Be your first advocate. Introduce yourself to a different world that does exist and that is able to help you. That is able to allow you to survive. But you got to be smart about yourself. And everything your doctor tells you yeah okay do what he tells you to do. I’m not going to tell you not to but you need to be smart and you need to be your first advocate.


That’s where you come in with teaching people how to take control of their body. Take control of their healing in the healing process and the things that they can do. I just think that that’s admirable. I love it because I have to tell you I am so against medication. Part of it you don’t realize it but, when we were children my dad really like instilled the whole what are you taking? Why are you taking that? Even aspirin he had problem with that. It’s amazing because at the time we were kids and we made fun but my dad was very health conscious. Everything he did made sense. Now that we’re older it makes, every day, better sense to us. I saw the way that he changed it. Now there was something else that he did because he was also a very spiritual man that I know that you incorporate into what you do. I want you to tell me what exactly the spiritual component to what you do is. Talk to me about that.


Well to put these two together spiritual natural there first has to be an awareness within our own spirit that is called belief. If we believe that God is all-powerful that he created every power for you to have access to that. So, when he gives us all the resources to be able to bring health into our bodies and you understand that believing in this that God created for your life. And you believe that this component of whatever it is that you’re hopefully researching. Man, make nothing in this life or this world. Everything that we come across in our lives got created so it is God the one that instituted in us and allowed us to have this witnessing. That I want to be a doctor. That I want to be an engineer. God created all these things so when God created all these abilities in the spiritual for us to recognize that God is a God that caused us to believe. Remember that even Abraham said God allow me to believe cause me to believe, right? We’re on those levels. The key to marrying the spiritual with the natural is to believe that these resources are made for you. They have been available to you. The question is how do I take this natural stuff and put it together with what I really believe. And if you put them together then that means that you’re going to be believing in the thing that you did not think you could. So, when you are dressing it together you are more powerful not only in knowledge but in spirituality because God calls all things to work together for good for those that love him according to his purpose. So, it is God who instructed you to pick up this and say oh gee why because the Spirit is saying to you, you need that. But. you need the right stuff. Not everything you pick up is good stuff.


So, you’re saying just hypothetically if I decided you know to go the natural route, I’m sick, there’s a part of me that has to believe in what I’m doing? It’s not just doing it.


You have to believe that it is going to work. Your faith level has to be so pronounced. When my diagnoses came, I said to the Lord if you don’t save me I’m going to die. I trust that you can get me out of this condition. Lord show me the way. I will do whatever you tell me to do. I said Lord you need to fix this but don’t give me 15 years like you did with Hezekiah. Give me a platform that I can utilize this experience to help people. When I got to the hospital this man, Catholic believer, said to me you did not come here to die. Make sure that your faith is intact if you want to survive this because it’s your belief and your faith that’s going to cross you over. So, I had to see the other side of broken so that I understood where I was going.


Was that not daddy?


That was.


That was my dad. My dad told the doctor….