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Mickey and Nicole Reveron are Principals of Reveron Photography. They have always had a passion for photography. Mickey has been shooting pictures since her adult daughter Nicole was born. She relished capturing moments and collecting memories. Although she new she enjoyed photography she never dreamt that that would turn into a passion and she would be a business owner as a result.

Nicole was also bitten by the photography bug from a very young age. When her child was born she decided she needed to capture every special memory of his life which led to her taking photography classes.

Nicole does so much more than just photograph she is genius in her innovative skills, her imaginative concepts, and her taking pictures in just the right angle to seize just the right moment. Although she enjoyed snapping baby pictures her photography talent has expanded her art to taking marketing pictures, pictures of businesses, the food service industry and so much more.

Mickey oftentimes assists in simultaneously shooting with Nicole. But her super skills come through as the stage manager designing creative props, producing the photo stages, and finding the perfect venues for Nicole to perform her visual art. Together they specialize in the spectacular and excellence. Their creativity, genius and innovative photography skills has taken their photo art to a whole new level.

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Hello and welcome to the Dr. Nilda Business Foresight Show. Today I have with me some very special guests who are photographers. Any time that I see somebody who’s creative and innovative I always bring them to you. The idea is so that you can see that it really doesn’t matter what we do. Anybody who starts a business, who becomes creative, who thinks outside of the box can do this. Today I have with me on The Reveron Photography Group which is Nicole and Mickey.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I’ve known Mickey for quite some time. Mickey and I have a long history which we will be talking about throughout the show today I’m really excited. Then my co-host Rachel Calderon is with me.

Hello again.

We are getting her into this. If you watched Dustin’s program you would know that we’re trying to get her out. She just has a difficulty with this so slowly but surely, we’re going to make this happen. Thank you for being here.

Thank you for having me again.

So, I have a couple of questions for you guys. First of all, you guys are my photographers. When I initially came to you it was because I needed professional pictures and I really trusted that you can do them. Your history was namely with mommies and with babies. You were a little hesitant and yet you did the best job ever like honestly. I’ve been working with so many different people doing my professional pictures. These were the best pictures I ever had. You really did an awesome job.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And not just me because I was totally enamored with the pictures. You know that usually when you look at pictures you’re like I don’t like this one, I don’t like this one. I’m my worst critic. But when I saw them I went oh my god I like this one, I like this one, wow I’m pretty vain here. But it was because all of them you really put thought into the lighting, how you took the pictures, and you just did such an awesome job.

Thank you.

You were also a phenomenal model.

What made you get into photography? I know Mickey we go back quite some time and Mickey actually does Marriage and Family Counseling. And you went from that and that was good. It was great. You did a phenomenal job we worked together. But then instead of pursuing that you guys’ kind of went into photography. You’re great at it so, what made you do that?

I’ve always loved photography and when Nicole was born my older sister Nelly she advised me. She says don’t buy a small camera here and don’t spend 30 dollars for this camera and then change to another camera. Save your money and purchase a very good camera. Purchase a Canon. So, I took her advice and I purchased my first Canon.

Was it one of those iOS the really big ones?

It was an expensive camera but not what we use now.

The biggest problems for me was I could never even think of buying one of those cameras because of the focusing. That to me was a huge job.

It also has the auto mode and the program mode. When I purchased it, I used it on the program mode and the auto mode. That’s how I first started getting into taking pictures. I’ve always loved taking pictures. I’ve had several cameras. Then I kind of put it away and started taking pictures with my cell phone and different types of cameras. Once I became a grandma Nicole wanted to take pictures of Camden. She wanted to have professional shots.

Tell me what made you pick up a camera?

Well she had a point-and-shoot camera. Whenever I hung out with my friends I would be the one to take all the pictures of the parties. Then put them on Myspace when it was big and now Facebook. I always liked to take pictures but when I was pregnant my friend Julie she showed me a picture of somebody’s announcement. It was just so cute it was a frog pose and I was like ugh I need that. I’m like okay now let me go on Google let me check it out. Then I’m going to see who could do it. Anyway, we went down to the city and we got his pictures done and I fell in love with it. So, now fast forward two years I had a local photographer I saw that she was having a class. I told my mom and I was like mom should I take the class? Then she was like yeah, it’s next month it’s in Bloomingburg. I said why not? Maybe I want to get into something like that. I took the class. My friend Amanda Dieffenbach the teacher told us that you may have to get a baby in your studio that week. I looked at her and I’m like I don’t have anything. She was just so nice she was like you can come over. Honestly, we became friends. She helped me out and she’s pretty amazing. Since then it has just been the past two three years I think we just been doing ii. My love has just been growing for it.

And I tell you, you say two or three years and that really seems like a really short time for the level of professionalism. The level of professional pictures that you take. I think that was most impressive. I know when I came to you it was out of desperation like I needed these pictures and I needed them quick. I thought we’ll get a couple of good pictures but there wasn’t one picture I didn’t like. It’s such a short time to really have this level of professionalism and how you perfected it. That’s how you know the difference between an innate talent and an iPhone professional photographer.

I think the difference also is that the equipment and not only the equipment but you have to photoshop. A lot of people, well a lot of “so-called” photographers, they take pictures but they don’t Photoshop. That’s where a lot of the enhancing comes in and that’s where you correct a lot of the imperfections. And that’s important.

I’m going to be honest Mickey you’ve given too much credit to photoshop. I know Photoshop is good it’s great and I know Photoshop has its place. But the pictures that you take are still of people. I mean that was still me and I didn’t look like a different person. I think you perfect a great job in Photoshop but I think you give too much credit to Photoshop. I know understand that there’s flaws for you to fix but you guys are good at what you do. And that’s not Photoshop because Photoshop can’t do that. We need to give credit where it’s due. Honestly, I know a lot people that know how to use Photoshop but they can’t take a professional picture to save their life. It’s not their forte how’s that?


I’m actually a Photoshop user because I use it for graphics. My daughter and I both use all the Adobe products. But like she stated, you guys do not just take pictures. Everything is not just Photoshop. There’s a science. There’s lightning that’s involved I mean Photoshop can only lighten so much. It can only perfect so much. But, my question to you ladies is I know that you guys started out with babies and you guys have also kind of started doing portraits. Photographers take pictures of certain things but you guys have kind of stepped it up a notch in and usually when you’re good in one area they kind of stay there. You guys are kind of stepping out into another world. Portraits are different from what you take. The babies are a whole animal in itself but now you’re taking other things. You’re doing the food industry. You’re moving forward you’re not just taking pictures of just babies. What is it that you guys have done that has kind of pushed you to that level to expand? You’re not just a photographer in one are. You’re expanding. You’re allowing yourself to move. How is that?

I asked you to show me what your ideas are so then we know what kind of posing we want. Then I can try and deliver what you’re looking for. Tomorrow actually I’m doing my first lifestyle. I’m nervous you but I just take chances. Every time I took a chance they come out and I’m like wow they actually came out really good. Maybe I have to trust myself a little bit more.

Are we going to give Photoshop credit for that to?

No. But, it just takes times. You guys have made us look more out there. There are other things besides babies and newborns.

Tell me what you mean by lifestyle. What does that mean?

I’m going to go into her home. She has very large windows, gray walls just like an airy feel, and no studio lighting. We’re just going to have her and her husband look at each other hold the baby. Maybe I’m taking pictures from the door just basically how life would be being with a newborn baby. Them on the bed cuddled up. Just something simple.

Simulating real life?

Yeah not posey just natural. I’m used to posing people and now I have to say we’re just going to take it, stay calm and we’re just going to go seen how it goes.

I know one of the things that we’re pushing you to do, and that was mainly Rachel, this is the marketing.

I’m going to interject I did that because I saw beyond just a picture or an image. I saw the talent. Like you say you give too much credit to Photoshop. But, with you guys there was something different. A lot of people take pictures. I take pictures but, I saw something a little bit different. That’s why I said you know what I need some marketing material for Dr. Nilda. You guys take baby pictures but there’s something different about that let’s go to the next level. I saw that so I said let’s try it. Let’s see what happens and you see how you said you have to trust yourself? You kind of just jump into it because I believe in first impressions. First impressions are very good especially in marketing. It’s really important. So, what I saw was just so top-of-the-line and it was just simple fun pictures. I was like oh we could take professional pictures now. I ended up having scheduled. I do apologize because I have a tendency to push people in a very rough manner but I saw something so much more. My heart was like oh my gosh I saw just a whole other level of photography. Then you brought it you pulled it out. Even she was like wow I look good. The lifestyle pictures that you’re taking now is more showing like the imperfections because you know we’re not, I mean some people are perfectly built, but other are not. So, you’re kind of going into that area?

I’m going to try it. I’m going to just go for it.

You know one of the things that I most admire about you guys is the fact that you do take good pictures. But the research that you do prior to anything that’s what I admire. One of the things that I talk to people a lot is anybody can do and you go into any industry and nine out of ten you know that industry. So, as a business person you’re like okay fine I’m doing this. But, hardly anybody takes the time to research and really look beyond. And say know what how can I take this build more on it, get better at it and get it perfected. What I remember, I will speak for myself, when you told me that you couldn’t do it I said I think you can. I’m willing to take the chance even if you can’t. I mean there was nothing to lose for me because I had nothing. Then take you take that to the next level. What I found was that when I came you had done research. You knew exactly what poses to take, I saw this, tris this, and try that. It wasn’t just let’s just shoot some pictures and hope for the best. Then when we asked you to do something for the food industry you also did research. You also took that to the next level. What I find with you guys is that it’s not just well no I can only do baby pictures because this is all I do this is all I have experience in. But you’re willing to take that that leap of faith but not just going in the dark. You’re actually researching.

You’re doing your due diligence.

We want to satisfy the customer. That’s why we usually ask them what is it you want. What kind of poses do you like because we want them to be happy. We knew you wanted business pictures and we knew that your sister wanted to do the marketing. This is what she wants this is what she’s going to get. I just wanted to say that it’s truly a compliment coming from you who does marketing to compliment us about our pictures. I really feel proud of us.

Well you guys did such a phenomenal job that it’s actually in one of her products that we develop, actually her packaging I should say. Your picture is now going to be in the hands of every person who purchases that product. So, you should be proud and like I said I saw something completely beyond just the baby pictures. How does it feel to go to that next level? How do you feel about the fact that you’re taking that leap of faith and you’re just saying you know I’m going to do my due diligence? How do you feel at the end of the day?

I mean I’m nervous but then afterwards I think we did it. I usually give my mom a high five and like you know what’s next? Whats the next challenge?

I’m excited. I feel that it’s actually easier because babies are difficult. No really sometimes when we have a photo shoot we let the parents know you could be here anywhere between two hours to five hours. If the baby doesn’t cooperate we have to wait until the baby falls asleep. They’re difficult but it’s such a pleasure when you have that end product because you know that you’re blessing a family with beautiful memories.

So, even your turnover time is a lot quicker when you’re thinking outside of the box because if you think about it one baby is only five you know could be two to five hours. Versus if you take portraits of marketing materials and things like that of other people. That’s already five people so’ you’ve already doubled your income possibly even tripled your income. That’s awesome.

I got to go back to the fact that you do your research. You don’t just get up with a camera and wing it. You really know what you’re doing because you spend the time to learn it. My goodness I keep saying this time and time again how could you possibly study something and not learn. It’s impossible so that’s how you make things happen. You look at okay so what’s the science behind that? How does that work? How can I do that? What are the angles? Then you start seeing things differently. Tell me am I wrong?

That’s how I usually do it. I’m like how did they get that look? Then I’ll do my research. What helped me a lot was Facebook groups with a bunch of different photographers. I would just say how do I get this look? Then people are willing all across the country to help me do that. One time I tried to make a gift card and somebody from Colorado she facetimed me on the computer. She said okay share your computer with me and she did it for me and it worked out well. There’s people out there that will help each other. Like tonight I’ll have to do more research on the lifestyle.

My confidence is that when you go there you’re not just going there with your cameras and saying we’ll hope for the best. You have ideas and you know what you’re doing because you’ve done some research.

Me and the mother created a pin board on Pinterest. I told her show me her ideas. So, today I told her go over the pictures with your husband show him the look that you’re going for. For some reason, I notice when we talk about the poses ahead of time the client comes more relaxed. Especially the male. It flows better. When people come they’re usually nervous so you know we have to wait for them to calm down and warm up. But when they know what they have to do, when they practice then we get the better shot.

I think from a marketing perspective it’s the same, right?

Absolutely, yes.

I learned that with Rachel. We usually have questionnaires and information that we ask people prior to. So, that way there’s a flow. There’s a better flow in the interviews. There’s a better flow in any of the marketing because we also do marketing for other people. When we get a grasp of what they want and then we give them our ideas I think the combination of the two is very powerful. You notice that you get a completely different outcome because everyone is more relaxed.

Especially when making some type of purchase people come with their guards up. So, having that consultation with them whether it be a questionnaire or just having that consultation by phone knowing what they want. Now they’re like oh my gosh this person is asking me what do I want. They’re not just going to go out there and do what they want. Believe it or not there are a lot of people in business that they do what they want because this is what makes me feel better.

Or, this is what I know and I am going to do it this way because this is what I know. That happens with everyone across the board. I see that namely even with hairstylist like they only know how to do a certain hairstyle. So, everybody has the same hairstyle and you know who they went to. Again, that’s because there is not creativity and they’re not trying to satisfy the customers. They’re like no this is the style. Oftentimes people are satisfied but then you have that one customer who is like I don’t want that I want this. And you’re able to give them that. You’re able to deliver.

The other thing that I love is the fact that you ladies, again we talked about Photoshop and they do a lot of these things, but they also make their own props. That’s not Photoshop. The background right here is handmade. They have flowers all throughout this entire wall and I think it’s so amazing. I mean there was a lot of thought here and creativity. I’m even more so amazed because now you’re bringing a whole different look to each shoot. You’re almost personalizing and customizing each photo shoot. How do you do it?

For example, we love doing cake smash and a cake smash is usually when the child is one years old. So, the parent will have a theme and when they tell us the theme we get on it. We look up different ideas, parties, etc. She is usually good with the ideas she’ll tell me Mom this is what I need and I’ll make it. For example, we had a photoshoot today and the mom wanted a dreamcatcher. So, she says you know what we can make a dreamcatcher and she looks on YouTube. She sent me some information I looked at different styles and we did it. After we got it done we were like oh my god we did it.

How is it working with family because we’re sisters and with us it’s like telepathy? I’m like you know what I was thinking and she finishes the sentences and I’m like yeah! There’s things that I can’t do because they’re her forte but I know what I want and she’s like I’ve been looking into that. There’s like a synergy. We also work with my nieces so there is a synergy I think in family that I just can’t explain it. But I’ve seen it in other businesses. How is it for you guys?

We flow very well. We work so well together. Arts and crafts is our thing and it’s challenging but we get it done. And when it’s done we look at each other and we give each other high fives like we did it again. Sometimes I am surprised like wow we really pulled this one out of the park and I just thank God. I thank God for the creativity.

For the creativity, yes. We’re always talking about that. It doesn’t matter what you do be creative because innate that you’re different and innovative. Be creative. Whatever you do be creative. Try to find a way to create and to be able to give people something that’s out of the box. You can only do that by being creative. We’re all blessed with that. When we’re not creative it’s not because we’re not in ourselves creative it’s because we’re not pushing that creative button.

Like you ladies are making your own props and you’re going to the next level. It’s not just taking the camera and snapping an image. You’re really putting a lot of thought. The more you do it and open that door and that side of your brain you just never stop. It just gets better and better and better and better.

I have a pad next to my bed so I can jot stuff down because all of a sudden in the middle of the night I’ll get an idea. It’s almost like when you rest your brain is going it doesn’t rest. I’ll get this genius idea and first thing in the morning we’ll connect and we’ll be thinking the same thing. Tell me what are the projects you’re looking forward to doing? Is their goal of something that you want to reach that you haven’t reached yet in terms of your photography and the direction you want to take it?

One of my goals this year is for Christmas photos. I do want to get to boudoir. It’s a sexy picture.

It’s not naked it’s very classy.

You wear an oversized sweater with tall socks and be by the window. Just classy.

It’s a classy sexy picture. And you can take a classy sexy picture without taking your clothes off. It’s very classy and very nice.

Very sensuous without actually being it.

I’m just looking for the right location for that because when I do what I want to do it right. Like if I’m going to do I’m going to do it the best I can do it. So, that I would like to get into and honesty with the food I can’t wait to start doing that and events. But so far weddings I’m kind of shying away from right now.

Another thing that I would like to get into but, I don’t know if it’ll be beneficial financially, but I would like to get into doing the birth announcements. Or let’s say the Christmas cards. Once we take the Christmas picture we might have to buy more products.

I’m really excited for you because in three years you have come such a long way and you’ve done so much. It’s always progressive like I always see you guys go into the next level and doing the next thing. I am just really excited to see where you will be in the next 3 years or even in the next 10 years. You’re going to be blowing it out of the water you. I’m very proud to call you my photographer. I’m very proud to have all the work that you guys have done with all the marketing material. I’m so excited when I see the pictures and I give them to Rachel she goes yeah oh my god. Thank you so much for coming I know you guys have had a very long day and you still made the time for me so, I want to thank you.

Thank you for having us and calling us your photographers You guys are a blessing to us you really are. You know what I like about it? We really push each other and we encourage each other. And that’s the way to go.

I think I met you guys, what a year ago, right? I see the difference from then and now it was amazing. I’m glad pushed them.

The future is bright and I’m excited. I love the fact that you guys are so creative. Thank you for being with me.

Thank you for having us.

All right guys I look forward to next week’s interview and until then bye.


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