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Mickey and Nicole Reveron are Principals of Reveron Photography. They have always had a passion for photography. Mickey has been shooting pictures since her adult daughter Nicole was born. She relished capturing moments and collecting memories. Although she new she enjoyed photography she never dreamt that that would turn into a passion and she would be a business owner as a result.

Nicole was also bitten by the photography bug from a very young age. When her child was born she decided she needed to capture every special memory of his life which led to her taking photography classes.

Nicole does so much more than just photograph she is genius in her innovative skills, her imaginative concepts, and her taking pictures in just the right angle to seize just the right moment. Although she enjoyed snapping baby pictures her photography talent has expanded her art to taking marketing pictures, pictures of businesses, the food service industry and so much more.

Mickey oftentimes assists in simultaneously shooting with Nicole. But her super skills come through as the stage manager designing creative props, producing the photo stages, and finding the perfect venues for Nicole to perform her visual art. Together they specialize in the spectacular and excellence. Their creativity, genius and innovative photography skills has taken their photo art to a whole new level.

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